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  1. Savage Mansion https://savagemansion.bandcamp.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVDWhAMTHCk Savage Mansion is a vehicle for the songs of Perth-raised singer and guitarist Craig Angus (formerly of Poor Things and concurrently guitarist with Martha Ffion), usually augmented by members of Glasgow contemporaries Catholic Action. This show to coincide with the release of debut LP Revision Ballads, which BBC6's Lauren Laverne called 'a reason to be cheerful about the new year coming'. Their third collaboration with Johnny Lynch's (Pictish Trail/Fence Records) Lost Map Records, the album showcases both Angus' ear for a delicious hook delivered loose or frantic and his absorption of all the right cues from the best guitar bands through the years. FFO: Pavement, Teenage Fanclub, Parquet Courts, The Velvet Underground, The Modern Lovers “Potent power-pop and dreamy fuzz” – THE LIST “The real triumph here remains Angus' knack for writing west coast-tinged pop gems” – GOLDFLAKEPAINT Star Rover https://starrover.bandcamp.com/ (unabashedly earwormy melody) x (a glut of fuzz and distortion) = SUCCESS The Edinburgh-based trio are currently sitting on a freshly recorded album, maybe they will play some songs off it? FFO: Ash, Dinosaur jr "glorious... fuck your pandering, non-existent faux shite rock – this is how it is done " - podcart.co Min Diesel https://mindiesel.bandcamp.com Local mindie-rock trio. Recently featured in credible music doc "After the ScreaMin Stops", promptly eclipsed by stilted melodrama concerning sibling chumps. Tunes before/between/after bands provided by the ever-wonderful DJs DBL YELLOW & PAARKIN' FIINE THURSDAY 14TH FEBRUARY THE CELLAR // 8PM // £5
  2. STAR ROVER https://soundcloud.com/starrover https://facebook.com/starroverband/ Edinburgh-based guitar-pop trio that know how to write a great melody then feed said melody through a whole bunch of fuzz and distortion with successful results. Favourable comparisons to ASH and DINOSAUR JR not entirely unwarranted. "glorious... fuck your pandering, non-existent faux shite rock – this is how it is done " - podcart.co HOLY SNAKES https://en-gb.facebook.com/holysnakesrules/ One of Dundee's many famed Discoveries, Holy Snakes specialise in blues-inflected garage/punk with guitarmonies. Like maybe THE STOOGES jamming with THIN LIZZY. Featuring members of THE SHITHAWKS and FAT GOTH. MIN DIESEL https://mindiesel.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Min-Diesel-122142337808269/ Mindie-rock trio from ABZ. Still here. DJ DBL YELLOW & PARKIN' FIIINE will be spinning an eclectic playlist before/in between/after the bands. SATURDAY 22ND APRIL THE CARLTON BAR // 8PM // £5 // 18+ only pls if you'd like to read the exact same thing again and also RSVP for this event you can do so here - http://www.facebook.com/events/1488147054539313/
  3. TRUST FUND (Turnstile Records) https://trustfund.bandcamp.com/ Top-drawer indie-pop from down south, Trust Fund's music fuses 90s alterna-rock riffage with off-centre m/f vocal harmonies and some of the most understated, poignant lyrics. The solo project of Bristol native Ellis Jones, augmented by a supporting cast of players drawn from the south-west's prolific DIY scene (Joanna Gruesome, Grubs among others). FFO Superchunk, Belle & Sebastian, Pavement, Los Campesinos!, Weezer "immensely catchy guitar-powered singsong that manages to be melancholy and chipper at the same time"- Stereogum "Wonderful... Chaotic, messy, pretty, poignant" - Gold Flake Paint Lush Purr https://electropapknit.bandcamp.com/album/lush-purr Low-key, lo-fi wonky pop. Hints of MBV but sleepier at times. Shades of The Pastels too. Or Pixies but like... underwater? Feat members of The Yawns, Copy Haho, many other excellent projects. Min Diesel https://mindiesel.bandcamp.com/ Mindie-rock trio in rare 2016 outing. FRIDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER UPSTAIRS @ O'NEILLS // 7.30PM // £5 // 18+
  4. this happens at the end of this week. or the beginning of the next one depending on your perspective.
  5. here look here's a new catholic acton song listen - http://www.clashmusic.com/news/premiere-catholic-action-the-real-world
  6. Min Diesel will be playing some shows around Scotland from next week too THU 7th MAY - Banshee Labyrinth, EDINBURGH w/ pjaro, Britney, Damn Teeth FRI 8th MAY - Westport Bar, DUNDEE w/ pjaro, The Shithawks SAT 9th MAY - Cellar 35, ABERDEEN w/ pjaro, Carson Wells, Das McManus THU 14th MAY - Bloc, GLASGOW w/ Shudder
  7. The debut LP from Aberdeen's own MIN DIESEL - "Mince" - is available to pre-order now from http://mindiesel.bandcamp.com. You can stream the track "Trail of T-shirts" there too. 10 tracks of finest quality mindie-rock. You'll probably hate it but it looks cool, eh? Recorded by Matthew Scott (Deathcats, Paws) Mastered by Steven Ward (Mogwai, Errors) Artwork by the Falkirk Design Bureau Released in collaboration with Struggletown Records, AlbTwo Records and Cool Your Jets.
  8. no one other than Calander Bot has posted in this forum for like over a week. Calander Bot, what is your opinion on ecossemo? can I count on your attendence at what is going to be Bonehouse's last gig in Aberdeen?
  9. male, 30s, m2l, wltm perspex head for italian food, nature, snuggling and general good times. will be at cellar on saturday in my housecoat.
  10. Fb nonsense - https://www.facebook.com/events/1618571681704642/
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