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  1. Diet Pills were a highlight for me. Really liked what they were doing. Can't wait to give the 7 inch a spin.
  2. Thanks to everyone who came down last night - it was a fantastic night and I have to say I enjoyed every part of it....except possibly for the stupid little encore for which I apologize. I was completely taken off guard by that and jumped on the first idea that came into my head. What a goose. Otherwise that was most fun. Thanks again. I'm gonna see if I could drop a few EP's into One Up. We've some left so if you want one, try there or maybe PM me and I'll see if I can arrange to meet up with you or post it out. Back to bed now.
  3. It was all amazing. AMAZING! "Cocaine is a hell of drug"....Gotta love Rick James. To be honest it all kinda stumbled from that point on. Kartta began to meander and feel a little lost. You were impossible to replace Scotty. Sweet, sweet memories though. Will give Phil an EP for you before he heads down again.
  4. Yes, yes it is. Rather annoying I know. Seeing as Phil has just joined Meursault, I kinda assumed this would be a dead cert but go figure?!?!?
  5. With bad weather comes some bad news - I've have just been told that Neil from Meursault won't be able to make this gig tonight so I think band times will be shuffled a bit - this will mainly only affect GTS who will probably go on a little later. A shame but still plenty of fun and tunes to be had!
  6. This is it boys and girls! Doors at 9 tonight - Greater the Shadow, Meursault, Rhys Chatham Guitar Trio, and Kartta all for your listening pleasure. 3 or get in touch for a guestie pass. Don't be put off by the biblical weather but if this truly is the end of times, come share a jar and forget your worries.
  7. That's a fair point and I love how Snafu market DHC. They do fairly bust their chops to make nights work. It's not like you were sitting on a laurels though...well, maybe once in a while with a tinnie !-) I think you're right to try and push for a different angle though. The rotating roster for the Wednesday nights seem to cover heavy electro pretty well. Have you heard the latest Sunset Rubdown album? Get the "Idiot Heart" track. Belter of a tune.
  8. Happy and wet Stevesie. Very, very wet. It honestly seems so long ago now but those early DHC days were really good fun. It was just such a chilled way to hang, have a laugh, and then enjoy the club night that followed. All respect to you though Steve - DHC is a pretty frickin' impressive club night now.
  9. Final practice last night. Had a couple run throughs of the Rhys Chatham piece and I have to admit I think that the bit I'm most excited about playing. Only a couple days to go!
  10. Fancy poster time! Thanks to Mike Chang/IRL for throwing this together at such short notice.
  11. Ah, cool! I think most of us have booked Friday off too in prep for the inevitable carnage. Yeah, they are all new recordings. I've been toying with the idea of chucking on the Mark Nicols Henri mix as well, just as an alternative version. Solid drumming on that one if I remember
  12. Tracklisting will be: 1. Equations for a Falling Body 2. RMTC 3. Crazy Years 4. L'espoir 5. Henri
  13. Actually Phil is beaming in his performance from Edinburgh. It's the only way we can operate now. The modern wonders hey?! To be honest, it's unusual for DHC to have doors at 9 these days. Mainly just two band bills with doors at 10. Will you be out for the duration you think?
  14. You can blame Henry Miller then for frequenting badly named bars. Is it truly worse than the unforgivable "Chocolate Starfish" album title? Perhaps not !-) I'd say it was on a par with Amazon.com: Happiness Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch: Our Lady Peace: Music. I think between that and the only other solid alternative on the table, "Gash Gusher", we chose wisely.
  15. Snafu poster done and I should have another fancy pants one up about town over the weekend. Massive thanks to Mike Chang/IRL for the upcoming visual feast!
  16. In an unexpected and surprise turn of events Meursault's main man, Neil Pennycook, will now be playing a wee intimate solo set! This is shaping up to be a small wonder! Things should play out like so: 21:20 - 21:50: Greater the Shadow 22:10 - 22:40: Meursault (Solo Set) 22:50 - 23:15: Performance of Rhys Chatham's Guitar Trio 23:30 - 00:00: Kartta Doors will be at 9 and entry is 3. We will do our best to get the bands done by midnight for some hot Milne DJ action after. Please contact any of the bands and ask to be added to a guestie for free entry. Feel free to PM here if you want to be added. Cheers all! See you there! Woop!
  17. The ever so swell Greater the Shadow will open up proceedings for this now. Cheers boys. Let's get drunk.
  18. I just bought tickets for their London show October 27th. Can. Not. Wait.
  19. Couldn't agree more! I think it's the best thing they've done since Oceanic. It's a close call between this and Panopticon but I think Radiant just edges ahead due to that mammoth organ sound they've thrown in!
  20. PM/TEXT/GET IN TOUCH for guesties etc. Doors TBC but probably 10 with first act on 10:30.
  21. It's time to wrap this thing up. We've an EP pretty much done and due to be ready for this gig. Thursday Sept 3rd at Snafu Dirty Hearts Club, Kartta will play their last gig to anyone who will listen! Come on down for some Spanish Epic Space Pop (or whatever it was that Phil usually describes us as!). It's the last after many lineup changes, heartbreaks, deaths, plagues, elections etc and we hope you can come down to share the good times. Before the main event we have a rare treat - The first Aberdeen rendition of Rhys Chatham's Guitar Trio! For fans of Drone, Post Rock, Noise, Minimalism, here is an exciting live prospect - 6 guitars, bass, and drums creating a solid groove and a wall of sound. One chord builds, swells, explodes and leaves you in a haze of your former self! See here for the score: Score or do a Youtube to check it out. Involving members of Panda Eyes, No Pasaran, Winter in Siberia, Y Change Costume, and an old friend. Face meltingly good. One more support TBC Hope to see you there.
  22. I watched "The Mist" over the weekend after a recommend on here. Decent wee film. Enjoyed quite a lot. I've got "Old Joy" to watch after work tonight. Anyone seen it?
  23. Bit of a resurrection here but I'm completely obssessed with the New Mexico/Hatch roasted green chile at the moment. Can anyone recommend a product which is similar or even a pepper which is similar which I could attempt to grow?
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