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  1. http://dontneednomelody.com/wendell-borton-the-worst/ A short and snappy feature. God bless America.
  2. Hello all, My good friend Euan and I recently formed a band called Wendell Borton, right here in sunny Aberdeen. We uploaded a wee demo to our soundcloud page recently, and hope you all enjoy it. There are also a couple of gig announcements to come over the next few weeks so we'll post details here as and when they are confirmed. For now you can listen here: http://www.soundcloud.com/wendell-borton and you can find us on Facebook too: http://www.facebook.com/wendellbortonmusic Thoughts and constructive feedback are all very welcome. Thanks!
  3. Please close; decided to hold on to this one for now. Thanks.
  4. I'd like it...to be more like this: Langfield Logan - Daniels - Reynolds - Considine Jack - Mclean Hayes - Pawlett - McGinn Shankland But it will never happen in a million years.
  5. I'm now sorted for this. Thanks for the interest, genuinely got a much better response than I thought I would.
  6. Looking for the rare breed of musician that is the drummer; I believe they exist somewhere in Aberdeen. It's for a project that I've just started up; Wendell Borton. Influences include but aren't limited to: Dino Jr, Sebadoh, Weezer and all the good stuff. We had our first gig at the weekend (supporting Algernon Doll) with a drummer who was helping us out initially but it was never going to be a permanent arrangement. Have a couple of gigs lined up starting fairly soon so the earlier you can come on board the better. First demo track can be heard here: www.soundcloud.com/wendell-borton Let me know if you're keen via PM or send me an email: darylrankin@gmail.com Thanks. Daryl
  7. The Little Kicks Carson Wells Min Diesel Seas, Starry Dear John Hjearts Lenin Deathmask Depeche Choad
  8. Does Rojo fit in anywhere? Or is he complete shite? Unless we get Hummels, Vidal and Mark Reynolds in, we're completely fucked.
  9. Nah he isn't the answer, but he's an option. A better option out wide than forcing RVP to play there in any case. Ole Gunar is available, should probably just re-sign him. Either that or pay well over the odds for somebody like Daniel Sturridge. I'd like to see us move for Berahino though.
  10. I retrospect (as a United fan) I would have rather United sold RVP back to Arsenal and kept Welbeck. He looks past it, hopefully I'm wrong but I don't think I am. Falcao is running out of time to prove himself as well. At the start of the season I thought we had the best front line in the league, but I'm doubting that now.
  11. I'd also argue that even if they do get in behind and score, then having 11 men and being 1-0 down is probably better than being 0-0 with 10. Either way, it wasn't worth committing to that tackle. Inexperience isn't really an excuse given that you wouldn't committ to a tackle like that when booked in an u18's fixture.
  12. Just a matter of opinion, I didn't think it was pish but it was just a bit slow in parts. This season has hit the ground running. There used to be a formula for walking dead episodes, as follows: The group recovers from aftermath of previous episode > people talk for half an hour > somebody does something stupid > zombie attack > people die > repeat cycle. That went out of the window in ep 1 of season 5. SO MUCH DEATH.
  13. Yeah...if this season has started as it intends to go on it will be infinitely better than season 4.
  14. I am also going to follow the Kerala Blasters. Jamie Mcallister!
  15. Hello, Just bought a mustang, and require a hard case or high quality padded bag fir it. From what I gather, most standard Fender cases for strats/teles are suitable. Let me know if you have anything kicking about.
  16. Aye nae worries. You could be right that it won't come up, but it won't harm the lad to be prepared for it. Perhaps not, but I'm not the interviewer and it wouldn't be irrational to think that this may well cross their mind, especially if they're leaving after only having been back for a couple of months after summer.
  17. Yeah but that's not really what I'm saying. I agree that yes, in a broader sense (ie the general public) you are 100% correct. In MM's situation I am making the point that he might come across as uncommitted or have a poor work ethic due the circumstances around him leaving school. I'm just making the point that he's going to have to think about a counter argument should they question his reasons for leaving, and the impact that may have on his chances of getting any of the positions he has applied for.
  18. No, but he'll have to say that he is motivated to work on some sort of level. Why would they employ him otherwise?
  19. You'll want to think about your answer to the 'why do you want to leave school early?' question. As an employee of the care sector one of your key responsibilities is to be extremely tolerant of others, and if you can't tolerate those around you at school (you said earlier this is why you want to leave) then this will certainly give them a poor impression of your interpersonal skills. If I was interviewing you I would question your work ethic because you're looking to leave school, but on the other hand you're no doubt going to tell me you're a hard worker? Emphasise that this the career you want, and talk more about the opportunities it will bring etc etc and that you think the SVQ qualification is more benficial to you than the qualifications obtained at school given your choice of career path.
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