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Decent breakfast in Aberdeen????????

Johnny Mac

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Where can I get a decent breakfast in Aberdeen?

Meeting some friends at 9.40am tomorrow and can't think for the life of me where to take them!

Get some ideas here:


You could try upstairs in the Bon Accord centre, you get decent grub in there and big portions usually.

Aberdeen lacks cafs.

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Weatherspoons (Justice Mill or Archibald Simpsons) is the best value i've seen. Something like 2.99 for a cooked breakfast. The orange juice was about 99 and Coffee 69p, last I checked.

The quality has always been fairly good when I have had breakfast at weatherspoons also.

Fuck me that's some expensive Orange Juice o_O

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There's Jimmy Chung's down at the beach if your near that area or driving.

I've been a couple of times and its fine.

Sunday - Saturday (all week)

8.30am - 11.30am

5.49 per person

pretty good deal.

The union street one doesn't do breakfasts.

Is this an all you can eat deal, but with sausage and bacon etc? Sounds good if so.

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