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  1. Missing him so much Alan, so many lovely comments about him and all true xxxx
  2. Bejeweled, facebook and sky news.
  3. Me being easily bullied has signed it and circulated to all my contacts xx
  4. Your musical compatibility with lesleydickson is Medium Music you have in common includes Four Tet, Thee More Shallows, The Raveonettes, Mogwai and Tegan and Sara. hunnylambs Music Profile Users at Last.fm
  5. Hi just a quicky, my dad was on the chopper, its been a hellish week for us. Anyway here is the full initial report to read for yourselves. http://www.aaib.gov.uk/cms_resources/G-REDL%20-%20Initial%20AAIB%20Report.pdf
  6. I bought my ticket at a while ago Was at the last Belmont night, it was brilliant. Roll on the 4th of April
  7. Oh my god Alan I was born in 72' My first experience would have been around 1989/90 but unfortunatly I have no juicy stories to tell as I was probably guttered
  8. Ok here goes my shuffle: How am I feeling today: X-Offender Blondie Will I get far in life: Oh Yes, Another Mother Thee More Shallows How do my friends see me: Art Star Yeah Yeah Yeah's Whats my best friends theme song: One Hell of a Party Air What is the story of my life: Giddy Stratospheres The Long Blondes What is / was high school like: Adventure Be Your Own Pet How can I get ahead in life: Pablo's Cruise The Avalanches What is the best thing about me: Peep-Peep Arab Strap How is today going to be: Mad Lucas The Breeders What is in store for this weekend: Age X-Ray Spex What song describes my parents: Loch Levan Arab Strap What song describes my grandparents: Tomorrow Aliens How is my life going: Fan New Young Pony Club What song will they play at my funeral: I am a poseur X-Ray Spex How does the world see me: Call me Blondie Will I have a happy life: Discotraxx Ladytron What do my friends really think of me: Our time Yeah Yeah Yeah's Do people secretly lust after me: Proud Turkeys Thee more shallows. Make no sense o_O
  9. Don't think so Alan, was it not part of ICI's?
  10. Anyone remember the name of the nightclub on Diamond Street in the 80's / 90's. Sure the doorway was next to one up.
  11. One Day Removals I found it rather amusing. (Following from Raindance.co.uk): Short Synopsis: Six corpses.Two removal men.One bad day. Review: Two Aberdeen removal men have a day from hell. A simple job in a remote part of the Scottish countryside goes awry when they hit a drunk staggering in the middle of the road and decide to load him into the van and take him to hospital. Seems like a good plan, but then the bodies just keep piling up. Very funny dark comedy set in the locale and dialect of Aberdeen, it resonates with a Scottish humour that reveals both a practicality and a bravery that resonates and keeps this story feeling both real and surreal in turns. The dialogue and action is unrestrained and unless you are familiar with broad Scottish dialects, in this case Doric - apparently brought to the North east of Scotland by rural Spartans - you may not get every word but the intent behind the words is clear and evocative. The writer / director Mark Stirton lets the camera get close enough to observe the craziness without intruding. The cast are natural although and what some might lack in screen craft they more than make up for in personality. One Day Removals couldnt be any more indie and for budding filmmakers this is a great example of what can be done with little money and a lot passion.
  12. I remember going their in the 80's with my mum, we were never allowed in the 'posh bit' as I thought it was then. But it was a pretty good place. Now I'm a smoker but the smoking bit in their was stinking, between that and the smell of the cooking together it was disgusting and you used to come out smelling like you'd been in a chipper all night, I stopped eating their before I started smoking by the way, I'm not a fan of smoking while eating in foody places. Yep Alan, sure I spotted you in the grannie area when I was a nipper
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