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  1. It was a former old people's home. There are some amenity cottages to the rear of the property, but a large number of measures to address concerns were agreed by Housing & Environment Committee. It was intended to be used for 2 years so that a long term facility could be built on the former Victoria House site. There were 129 objections, but no objections or observations from Grampian Police.
  2. I am officially excited about this, to the extent that it is now marked in the diary.
  3. I was informed at lunchtime today that the Licensing Committee voted by 9-6 to reject the HMO License application for Aberdon House to be used as a temporary unit for homeless people. This means that the Council is now in a really precarious position when it comes to offering shelter for the homeless, and probably means some folk will be left out on the streets because there will be nowhere else for them to go. I thought folk on here might be interested.
  4. Glad I avoided it then! I went off Spooks quite early. The "Lisa Faulkner/deep fat fryer' incident put me off, not from a squeamish perspective, just a 'FFS' perspective! I look at The Wire, and think to myself that anyone over this side of the pond trying to do something similar would probably end up turning out something like Shameless...
  5. Well, the original source was a song title, but when you get paid as badly as I do and have a mortgage to pay and a wee one to bring up, there are very few escapes left aside from the idiot box!
  6. Agree. I enjoyed Heroes a lot, but the point where it jumped the shark for me was when they created the supposed alternative future, with Sylar exploding after his *son* got killed, and then did nothing to drive towards that supposed ending. Despite the premise being that they were all going to converge there. I gave up on Lost after series 2, it was already pretentiously silly, but by all accounts it has just gotten worse. The wife is a fan of Stargate Universe (with Bob Carlyle) and from what I have seen it seems not bad from an entertainment perspective. I have also happened across The Good Wife, with Julianna Marguiles, while she's been watching it, and it seems to actually be a half decent drama as well. I keep hoping we will get some half decent drama over here, Doctor Who is good knock about fun, I really enjoyed Life on Mars, but then they sullied it by refusing to say "job well done" and instead decided to milk it with the awful Ashes to Ashes. I kept meaning to give Luther a try, but I am worried I may find it rubbish and may only be interested in it because it stars Stringer Bell...
  7. Thank you for being so constructive. I will have a word with the wife and see if she is willing to oblige...
  8. Sorry Tina :O I see Heroes has been cancelled, as has Flashforward and, rather shockingly, Law and Order has been shelved after 20 years. Yet at the same time, they commission another series of The (even less funny than the Gervais version) Office, a remake of the bloody Rockford Files (because there's been plenty campaigns for that) and JJ Abrams (surely the most over-rated producer of over-rated pish ever) is being commissioned to produce another new series which will probably consist of another long drawn out string of unanswered questions, absurd coincidences and general shiteness. Although I am starting to feel that way about Flashforward I hasten to add! I think the problem in US TV is that nobody seems geared up to follow a genuine story arc from beginning to end, and most of the shows were probably never created with an actual "ending" in sight. Anyone else going to miss any of these shows?
  9. I will be the fat slow guy in the Alzheimer Scotland t-shirt... I ran it for Children 1st in 2005-7 and did the Inverness 10K for them in 2004.
  10. Hi all Me and my brother are running the Baker Hughes 10K to raise money for Alzheimer Scotland. In order to raise as much money as possible for a charity that's very close to my heart, I'd be grateful for any donations folk might be willing to make. Anyone who has met me will know that watching me run 10K is probably worth a couple of quid just for the amusement value. No obligations, but I thought I'd post this up anyway. My Just Giving site is: Mark McDonald is fundraising for Alzheimer Scotland - JustGiving Cheers
  11. are you the guy who writes the ditties on those tear-off calendars?
  12. I made a very nice chilli con carne at the weekend, using some of the chillis I got from Skull Commander courtesy of Scorchio. Yummytastic.
  13. You brought a nostalgic tear to my eye there my friend, have some rep
  14. just read through this one, an absolutely barn-storming read!
  15. Track Listing 1. Tavio Amorin 2. Fusion Rules 3. Woodland 4. I Can't Do This 5. Circus Clown 6. Skull 7. Eleanor Glynn 8. Languages of Portugal 9. You Couldn't Be Cuter 10. Tribute to Bobby Acoustic solo artist Brockley Combe's debut album is a collection of distinctly melancholic tunes, beginning and ending with songs alluding to assassinated politicians, and sandwiching a song devoted to the sadness that lies inside an English Beauty Queen. Not one to listen to if you've had a shit day at work.
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