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  1. A great wee mic, surplus to requirements.
  2. Used a handful of times at my studio.
  3. Great idea, I think I might offer a special deal to people who would be willing to be the guinea pig for a before/after video kinda thing. You should try a free ear-training program like GNU Solfege there are some phone apps that help too.
  4. Yes, but these are optional questions. Any input is appreciated.
  5. Hi guys How are you all? As you may or may not know I'm a singing teacher, and basically I'm doing some research into why some people are interested in learning to sing, but they don't ever come for lessons. If you have ever been put off going for lessons in any instrument I'd like to hear from you:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TKMQMGH Everyone who takes part in the survey will be put in a draw to win my new online course '6 steps to the studio' for free. Cheers Jayne
  6. This is on tonight folks! Though if you went into the The Coffee House you wouldn't know as they went back on their word to help promote the night.
  7. Innovative opera group the Upload Opera are desperately seeking opera virgins! is looking for opera virgins; people who are intrigued by opera and would like to know more. All opera virgins will be given free admission to the event on Thursday 7th May at The Coffee House, with all proceeds from donations being given to the Robert Nicol Trust. A great opera showcase featuring wonderful singers: Nina Kopparhed, Alexandra Shrinivas, Alec Buchan, Catriona Sellick, Barbara Scott, Craig Judge and Grace Wain with accompanist Dr. Ed Jones Doors 7.30pm for a prompt 8pm start. Free entry, donations welcome. http://57north.org/events/live-music/upload-opera-showcase All recording/tweeting/instagramming/snapchatting positively encouraged. All proceeds donated to the Robert Nicol Trust.
  8. Tempt me with your wares I'm looking for an acoustic amp, has to have Xlr input somewhere. Ideally one that can be angled upwards but I'm not too fussed about that. It needs to be a good quality one as I will be using it for teaching. The one I have been mulling over is the Marshall as50d so looking for something at that level or better. Cheers Jayne
  9. until
  10. My digital piano is on it's last legs, does anyone have a digital piano they want to get rid of? I am looking for one with a piano bench, like a clavinova or something. Cheers Jayne
  11. We have some last-minute slots available this Friday evening (10th) £10 for a 1hr Intro lesson in singing, bargain! www.musicisourforte.co.uk Cheers Jayne
  12. Victoria Road has loads of brand new creative businesses, not including my own wee business. There are some ideas being floated for a creative hub in Torry; granted, that might not come to anything but you never know. Plus some of my fellow musicians just moved to Torry
  13. Good things about Aberdeen: Watch this space, you saw this prediction here first!!! Torry is going to become a cultural hub within 3/4 year's time. There loads of creative people setting up shop in Torry, give it a wee while and Torry will have creativity oozing from every pore.
  14. Hey guys This week we have some bargainous bargains for piano fans. Come along for a 1hr Introductory lesson in piano with David on Wednesday 25th or Thursday 26th at our Torry Studio for only £10! Lesson times from 10am until 10pm both days. Book online at www.musicisourforte.co.uk and use the 'Book Now' tab on the right hand side. Cheers Jayne
  15. jcn

    Music posters

    Four square link http://4sq.com/yFLAZi
  16. jcn

    Music posters

    Fancy some nice musicy wall art? Check in 3 times at the Forte Music School using Foursquare while at our lessons and you get a free poster! Or: £5 each plus delivery, all 5 for £20 plus delivery.
  17. Oops, that should read Rhianne at st. Swithin street
  18. Hi Liam, sorry we don't have any space for any more tutors at the moment. New dates released for this week. David - wed and thurs piano, theory or voice Rhianne- sat at t. Switching street studio doing theory or voice Jayne- Tuesday or Friday theory or voice. Anyone doing a stay-cation this year (like me)? This will be a good laugh, a 1hr lesson for only £10! Book and pay online at our site www.musicisourforte.co.uk Many thanks Jayne
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