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  1. RAM It Down 2015 running order has been announced. MAIN STAGE8.50 - 9.50 - Xerath7.40 - 8.20 - Winter in Eden6.45 - 7.20 - Red Rum5.50 - 6.25 - Kamehameha5.00 - 5.30 - White Wasted Virgin SECOND STAGE8.50 - 9:50 - Toledo Steel7.50 - 8.30 - Party Cannon7.05 - 7.30 - Boak 6.15 - 6.45 - Asylum Four Star5.00 - 5.50 - Rocksoc Bands
  2. I ran into someone on Friday who mis-remembered the name as 'RAM It In' festival, which is dodgier-sounding still. We actually chose the name through a contest with our members. Tell everyone you know about it to help make it a success and hopefully there can hopefully be a RAM It Down 2016. Also, everyone might as well take part in the 'share to win' contest on facebook, ending tomorrow. https://www.facebook.com/ramitdownfestival/photos/a.793505694096968.1073741828.786882601425944/808370319277172/?type=1&theater
  3. As pointed out, RAM It Down is the title track of a Judas Priest album. RAM is also the initials of the student society who put on the event (Rock And Metal). We have a scary sheep as a logo because of this
  4. I have tried adding the same event again (RAM It Down Festival). If I haven't added the information correctly or something like that, I would appreciate if one of the admins told me.
  5. I tried to add an event called RAM It Down Festival on here (23 May 2015 at Garage). I have since noticed other events have been appearing from Calender Bot, but mine has not. Have I done something wrong in the way I added the event?
  6. Low on funds at the moment. I'll see how I'm doing next week or there about and get back to you about the auto wahs.
  7. Tried PM'ing but says you cannot receive messages. If you still have them and I have money, I will probably be up for buying one of your auto-wah/envelope filters probably next week. Is the Mars Real Sound Auto Wah the same as the Mars mini-yesman or is it a different model?
  8. You need to troubleshoot the problem by going through each part of your setup individually until you can isolate the cause of the problem. You mention the word 'feedback'? Is it possible that your EP booster has been damaged and is now shorting internally, creating a feedback loop? Have you tried with the EP Booster by itself without other pedals? Also, have you tried it running off a battery rather than an external power supply? So, you have established this feedback only occurs when the EP booster is plugged in? Does everything sound fine when the EP booster is plugged in but bypassed? What about other pedals, do you get feedback when you switch them on? I'd suggest looking into how it is set up and powered before buying more pedals, not that a noise gate isn't worth considering as an option at your disposal, but you should try and get everything as fault-free as possible before adding anything else. I have a number of high gain pedals (distortions, fuzz and overdrives) and don't have issues with uncontrollable feedback, noise, humming or hissing - even with single coil pickups or high gain humbuckers. I've not been tempted to get a noise gate.
  9. I have 4 Mooer micro pedals on the way from China. Picked them up around £25 each. I ordered their Rat copy, Bluesbreaker copy, OCD copy and Phase 90 copy. It is not yet clear if they all are direct copies but, according to analysis of componants that I readon a forum, the Bluesbreaker copy appears to be an exact copy of a Bluesbreaker V1b. The idea behind this is to be able to fit more than the 5 or 6 pedals I would typically be able to fit on a pedaltrain mini. I also wouldn't mind the real versions of those pedals, but don't want them enough to justify spending the full price on them or the space on the pedalboard they would take up. The reviews are mostly very good but they are definately better for some of the Mooer range than others. Next step is to actually get a pedaltrain mini and a suitable power supply. I quite like the idea of the Pedaltrain Volto with 2x9V 1000mA each from rechargable battery (eliminating problems of picking up noise form lighting and dishwashers on the same circuit). It is set to be released at the beginning of next year, so will probably use something cheap until then.
  10. We have a bass player who is interested and going to give it a go this week after getting in touch on this forum. Having a specialist keyboard player isn't required for making recordings as I can add the keyboard parts myself. It is just when we begin to play live that it is a concern and we have a few options of what to do about that. I factored this in when writing and deliberately made the keyboard parts reasonably simple, as to minimize problems of this variety in the future. One option would be to accomodate keyboard playing without introducting new members. This would mean our singer might play keyboards while also singing in the band. Alternatively, she can play some rhythm guitar parts and split the live keyboard playing with me. I understand this might not be entirely preferable but it is potentially workable and has the advantage of not introducing additional personalities or people that are liable not to turn up for rehearsals. Another posibility with this approach would be that some of the keyboard parts can be missed out live when they aren't that important or are difficult to play while singing. Alternatively, a friend of the band could play keyboards but would probably need to be leant equipment as they tend to only have entry-level stuff or a piano. This may however be a decent option if they are willing to put in the work. We have someone in mind for this. Maybe a keyboard player will see this advert and apply.....
  11. To clarify, we are principally looking for a bass player as the keyboard playing can potentially be accomodated within the existing band with a level of compromise and we have friends who can play keyboards to levels that would be alright in this band. If we did find a suitable dedicated keyboard player however, that would be ideal, but we anticipate that being more difficult than finding a bass player. Age range of the band is currently 18-26 (I think as there have been birthdays recently).
  12. I don't entirely get the focus on the supposedly unjustified bias of the documentary. I notice this charge is primarily directed from those who initially bought the spin surrounding the Trump golf course and have since been shocked by the conduct of the Trump organisation. A key problem remains that much of the population (I would guess around half) are still willing to buy into unfounded speculative claims about 6000 jobs and £100's millions when put forward by our local press. We might believe we are a cynical bunch, but I think PR types know that they can redirect our cynicism away from big corporations and towards 'easy targets' i.e. a farmer with a broad accent, 'hippies' and protest groups. There were a number of points which Baxter could have focused on if he was intent merely on discrediting Trump and the supporting politicians, but he chose not to and the documentary is perhaps stronger as a result. We saw the way in which this development was changing the lives of the people who live in this area, who had to deal with frequent intimidation by security staff and land seizures, who were then received bills for the privilege of putting up a new fence. The local residents managed to display a level of resolve throughout, despite having to face this on a daily basis. The behaviour of the Trump organisation may be unlawful, but it was quite obvious where the sympathies of the police lay as an institution. Attention was also frequently drawn towards the fact, what was being built by the Trump organisation, bared little resemblance to the plans, that permission was granted by the Scottish Executive to build. The local authority should have intervened in this, but unfortunately much of what is already done (destroying sand dunes) is completely irreversible. As civil matters, the land disputes will have to be taken to court and the Trump organisation will easily outspend anyone on lawyers and intimidating security staff. The past business record of Donald Trump was completely ignored in the film. I suspect if it was a documentary by Michael Moore or similar, this sort of information would have been made into a comical sequence. Trump's business record includes multiple bankruptcies, defaulting on debts and misleading of investors. There are a number of websites out there which describe this. It is also interesting to note that the marketing and branding of a number of products which display his name involve selling 'success' and the idea of gaining Trumps 'business expertise', even if the reality is somewhat more complex. For example.... Trump Vodka, was marketrf using the slogan of 'Success Distilled', which ended up as a business failure and Trump suing a Isreali company for selling it without his consent. http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,2068227_2068229_2068223,00.html The notion of Trump as successful was also used to market Nutitional Supplements. 'Selling Nutritional Supplements, Too! Trump has also lent his name to The Trump Network, an Amway-like multi-level marketing company that sells nutritional supplements, skin care products, and Snazzle Snaxx, a “line of snack foods specially designed to help our children perform better.” The starter kit to begin selling goes for $497, and the Trump connection is a big part of the sale. “Imagine the power of having Donald Trump help you present the opportunity and you reap the rewards. That's teamwork,” the website reads. “It’s where ordinary people can become extraordinary,” Trump declares in his characteristic bark on an audio message on the site. “The Trump Network gives you the opportunity to earn a residual income, which can put you in control of your financial future, and that’s very important."' http://www.wnyc.org/articles/its-free-country/2011/apr/21/trumps-troubles-and-triumphs-will-they-matter/
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