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Gauging Interest: Pitchshifter in Aberdeen


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Ok there is a possibility of us getting the only Scottish date on the last EVER run of Pitchshifter dates.

It`s October 4th.....

Would anybody be interested..

Tickets would be 11.50s.t.b.f

Support is from SIKTH and another to be announced.

Please add your thoughts.


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remember back in 1996, they played drummonds for 4 quid...

I'd say 11.50 was a bit steep to see poor old 'has beens' : pitch shifter (but I'm bias, cos they turned into utter shite)

if anything, 9 quid, as people see it as "less than a tenner"...psycholgical and all that jazz.99p

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and the cracking visuals, of the "insane robot wars" (car sized robotic beasts with meat strapped to them, being blown up and smashed, set fire too... and the video of the guy shaving, and bleeding all over the shop (was that scorses's first short film ? (something like that).

now, that's when pitch shifter were GOOD.

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