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  1. Further education is anything beyond school - so uni or college, basically. If you will be 18 when you start then you'll need to send away proof of your parents' income (payslips etc) and they "assess" how much you get. They give you different figures every year, depending on household income, which is a total pain in the ass. So yes, SAAS WILL pay your fees for your HND - BUT, if you go on to uni, they will only pay for your third and fourth year (I learned this the hard way...) as the two years of the HND are seen as equivilent to first and second year uni. Hope that's helped a bit!
  2. If it's for an "advanced course" (HNC, HND, Degree) you need to go through SAAS. You didn't mention how old you are, but if you're under 25, you need to provide proof of your parents' income. Also, if this is your first time applying for a FE course, they'll pay your fees for it, providing you don't need to repeat a year. Bursary/loan will depend upon your/your parents' income, but you will be guaranteed your fees. Hope that wasn't too long winded!
  3. read my mind, minus the crisps part. the crisps must be kept seperate at all times
  4. has anyone been stuck in it yet? i need to go into town tomorrow but i've not actually spoken to anyone who's attempted it (from ellon) yet. better bussing it? are both sides of ellon road closed or is it just coming back from town?
  5. it really grinds my gears when folk do this. same with wii fit. absoloutely impossible to get a hold of and on ebay... 150. piss off.
  6. yesterday i woke up, went to work, came home, had dinner, fannied about on the internet and went to bed. today i woke up, went to work, came home, had dinner, fannied about on the internet and went to bed. tomorrow i will.. well.. who knows.. i might go all crazy and i wake up, go to work, come home, have dinner, fanny about on the internet and go to bed. i lead the most thrilling life. seriously.
  7. take it it's still over 18s then..?
  8. i'm actually more excited about idlewild/afterwards than i am about new year - a hatrick of partying, oh aye
  9. rarf! that'd be awesome, but how likely is it to happen?
  10. to be honest i've been with three providers now (orange, sky and bt) and they're all pretty similar. the customer service obviously varies from company to company which is the main thing i guess, but the speeds and everything have been pretty similar. i orginainally had orange cause i had orange dial up but the service dropped out quite a lot, and they told me to phone bt to do a line test when i knew the line was fine cause a) i work for bt and got someone to check it and b) it was pefect for telephony. bt were good, but their customer service was appalling (ironic..) and now i'm with sky. no problems so far and it's free if you've got sky tv, so aye!
  11. stars are playing moshulu?! although i'm 20, it's not far that it's 18+. i know if i'd have been under 18 when this was announced i'd be totally gutted, but the idea of the wristband thing is good, and just making sure anyone underage leaves when the bands finish? but oh my god, a dj set after? roll on the 29th!
  12. it's been cancelled. actually, i don't know if thats 100% accurate, but that's what i got told :/
  13. i actually have no idea what i'd do. i guess it's one of those things you don't know what you'd do til it actually happened.
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