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  1. This is tonight! Cannot wait Doors: 7.30 Myke Black: 8.15 Nicky Powel Band: 9.00 Black Atlantic 9.45 Curfew: 10.30 look forward to seeing some familiar faces this evening
  2. yeah what ross said above. bands on from 8.30 advanced tickets still available from one-up for 8 they will still be available on the door for 10 even at door prices thats 2.50 per band. NOICE!!!
  3. was thinking roughly the same thing but he is 35 now!
  4. seriously gutted he has went to that lot even after we (man utd) said we wouldn't be going for him. gah. still a crackin' player on the dons front i wouldn't say no to the experience of either hendrie or hartley. hated hartley over the years but mainly because of who he has played for. he can still play, no doubts about that!
  5. I came into this thread to say this. Great shout!! And as someone else said ben folds five too
  6. last bump before i head off! come down and enjoy DOORS: 7PM GAP YEAR RIOT: 7.30 look forward to seeing you all there :]
  7. this is today saturday night in aberdeen get along and enjoy the weekend at snafu :]
  8. stage times looking like Doors - 7pm The Gap Year Riot! - 7.30-8.00 Clearer The Sky - 8.15-8.45 Flood of Red - 9.10-10.00 early finish with snafu having club night on afterwards!!
  9. so close :] gunna be a belter. cant wait to see clearer the sky!!
  10. saw this last night. really enjoyed it. harry potter this evening for me. 1050 showing! o_O sleepy one for me
  11. Your musical compatibility with pquirie is Medium Music you have in common includes The Album Leaf, American Football, Minus the Bear, Mogwai and Joy Division. Your musical compatibility with man-of-doom is Very Low Music you have in common includes Bleeding Through, Killswitch Engage, Oasis, Carcass and Mastodon. Keeshers Music Profile Users at Last.fm
  12. Your musical compatibility with lesleydickson is Very High Music you have in common includes Idlewild, Biffy Clyro, Aereogramme, Four Tet and Bjrk. Keeshers Music Profile Users at Last.fm
  13. tickets started moving for this now! YALDY! tickets now available from CTS as well as one up and ticketweb :]
  14. Your musical compatibility with caverdaz is Very High Music you have in common includes Idlewild, Saves the Day, Funeral for a Friend, Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. Keeshers Music Profile Users at Last.fm
  15. Your musical compatibility with Chuccah456 is Very High Music you have in common includes Biffy Clyro, My Minds Weapon, Alexisonfire, Jimmy Eat World and City and Colour. EDIT: Keeshers Music Profile Users at Last.fm
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  17. great thread!! one thing i will say is that there is music out there i appreciate because i simply couldnt do certain people do. I can write melodies and guitar sequences/progressions for songs but writing lyrics and vocal harmonies i find very tough. This sole reason is why I brand Brian Wilson a genuis. For the general public, Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys can be seen as being just a great pop act. The difference for a musician (in my opinion) when listening to The Beach Boys is the appreciation of how perfect the vocal melodies are in there songs. so i guess im saying that being a musician can dictate how you listen to music, not even just techy music but even little things like well constructed 3/4/5 vocal harmonies!!
  18. aye they are good at making you go all squeeky bum. order tickets last october for oasis at murrayfield this wednesday just passed tickets arrived on monday morning!
  19. id say a yes that they played fingers as im pretty certain they played most of get better. played loads of tunes. little passages of banter but mainly tune after tune. so good ive got the record on again while i type some stuff up!!
  20. this is def the case. had them playing at tunnels tonight and woah. crackin live act! great great pop songs
  21. simply put, this gig was ace good chat, good crowd and great music lemuria may well be some of the nicest people i have ever met so humble about everything. the way it should be
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