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  1. Pete

    Charity CDs

    You can now order the CDs online via the shop on the official website - teamFUDGE (having a bit of a re-vamp at the moment so things might not be in the best/most obvious place, good excuse to have a good look around) Why not check out all our competitions and offers while you're there...?
  2. Pete

    Charity CDs

    There's a prize on the go for anyone who can spot it - they get their money back, so let's not spoil the fun...!
  3. Pete

    Charity CDs

    GoodSirSmith* Twooooo typos on the one cover.....typical Fudge...
  4. Pete

    Charity CDs

    And the CD will also be available at the first heat of the 'teamFUDGE Short-Film Feast' in Edinburgh on Wednesday! Might be a bit late to submit your films for this round but we'll take any films for the next one at the start of April
  5. ... (This text is added because apparently there needs to be at least 8 characters in replies. I think that'll be enough characters by now.)
  6. Pete

    teamFUDGE Short-Film Feast!

    Enter your film, win 100! All the details are here: teamFUDGE Cos I've typed it up a million times already so just read it on the site, innit. 'A slapdash half a job - it's the Fudge way'
  7. Pete

    Fudge's HALL OF FAME

    How many fucking times have Deadloss won/rigged Best Rock Act...?
  8. Pete

    Charity CDs

    CD1 still available to buy online here - teamFUDGE Mongol Rally CD Vol 1 on eBay (end time 07-Mar-10 23:14:50 GMT)
  9. Pete

    what can go wrong?

    A quick heads up - bands will be required for fund raising gigs and also songs will be required for a charity album. Leave a post if you're interested!
  10. Pete

    what can go wrong?

    It's threads like this that fill me with confidence that we're gonna make it... Wow, 'last visited 07-06-07'.
  11. Just a quick thanks to Fudge for putting on GSS and thanks to everyone who came along and gave us a bit of a cheer - got us through the first gig nerves just fine! Hope to be up in Aberdeen again sometime over the summer, hope to see you all there again \m/
  12. Yeah, me too - there's still one song I can't really sing properly....! Hope to see you there, Ross!
  13. Pete

    Fudge gigs coming up soon....

    Goodness me, I'm really rather crapping my pants about that now...
  14. Pete

    Mudd Club

    HAHAHAHAHA Oh how I remember this and many more distant memories... I'm off next week and should be in Aberdeenshire on Monday for recording action - I think I will try make an apperance