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  1. You can now order the CDs online via the shop on the official website - teamFUDGE (having a bit of a re-vamp at the moment so things might not be in the best/most obvious place, good excuse to have a good look around) Why not check out all our competitions and offers while you're there...?
  2. There's a prize on the go for anyone who can spot it - they get their money back, so let's not spoil the fun...!
  3. GoodSirSmith* Twooooo typos on the one cover.....typical Fudge...
  4. And the CD will also be available at the first heat of the 'teamFUDGE Short-Film Feast' in Edinburgh on Wednesday! Might be a bit late to submit your films for this round but we'll take any films for the next one at the start of April
  5. ... (This text is added because apparently there needs to be at least 8 characters in replies. I think that'll be enough characters by now.)
  6. Enter your film, win 100! All the details are here: teamFUDGE Cos I've typed it up a million times already so just read it on the site, innit. 'A slapdash half a job - it's the Fudge way'
  7. How many fucking times have Deadloss won/rigged Best Rock Act...?
  8. CD1 still available to buy online here - teamFUDGE Mongol Rally CD Vol 1 on eBay (end time 07-Mar-10 23:14:50 GMT)
  9. A quick heads up - bands will be required for fund raising gigs and also songs will be required for a charity album. Leave a post if you're interested!
  10. It's threads like this that fill me with confidence that we're gonna make it... Wow, 'last visited 07-06-07'.
  11. Just a quick thanks to Fudge for putting on GSS and thanks to everyone who came along and gave us a bit of a cheer - got us through the first gig nerves just fine! Hope to be up in Aberdeen again sometime over the summer, hope to see you all there again \m/
  12. Yeah, me too - there's still one song I can't really sing properly....! Hope to see you there, Ross!
  13. Goodness me, I'm really rather crapping my pants about that now...
  14. HAHAHAHAHA Oh how I remember this and many more distant memories... I'm off next week and should be in Aberdeenshire on Monday for recording action - I think I will try make an apperance
  15. Sorry to report, folks, but someone has agreed to give me full price for this ticket so the eBay auction is no longer valid! Thanks and sorry again.
  16. It's funny you should say that, I was RATHER suprised when I couldn't find any new posts about them playing Aberdeen on here. Who's the promoter? They obviously think that they'd be a big enough draw to get them so far north and what promoter in Aberdeen doesn't know about A-M.com...?
  17. I cannae bloody go now! See here: eBay.co.uk: 36 Crazyfists Aberdeen 07/04/09 (item 320095571493 end time 31-Mar-07 21:07:19 BST)
  18. Pete

    KT Tunstall

    KT to play the Music Hall on Thursday November 3rd, then Barras on the 4th and Edinburgh Corn Exchange on the 6th. I'll be going to all three at least!
  19. Pete

    KT Tunstall

    Oh. That was fucking shite, but don't get me started... Do you like KT then?
  20. Pete

    KT Tunstall

    Well, what a month of KTness THAT was!!! Saw her FIVE times in total: Sunderland for the Radio 1 thing, instore in Glasgow, London Shepherds Bush, Sheffield Leadmill and Glasgow Academy \m/ The Sheffield gig saw a massive KT forum meet up where we all got backstage, pics here: http://uk.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/acepete/album?.dir=/c3d7&urlhint=actn,ren:s,1:f,0
  21. Right, I only read about half way through this thread cos I'm about to be chucked out of work and I won't be near a computer for a while so I'm just going to make these points: IT'S ACE! Agreed with someone earlier, how does Leia remember her real mother if she died in childbirth? The NOOOOOOOOOOOO was stupid. The BEST bit was when Yoda came into the Emperors room and wiped out two Imperial Guards with the flick of his hand. The technology question - I actually think that over the 17 odd year between 3 and 4, technogogy slowed down. In the grasps of the Empire, noone prospered and stuff got beat up and re-used a million times, hence stuff breaking down every five minutes in all the other films. Same goes for Stormtroopers etc. I thought Artoo moved way too fast and nimble. Anakin DID bring the Force almost to balance - having a million and 1 Jedi meant it was OUT of balance, too much light!!!!! I thought the Emporers make-up was horrendious, far too much. Anakin all burned scared the SHIT of me, don't know about the kids! The lizard thing that Obi-wan rode on was rubbish. Grevious wasn't menacing enough, the coughing and shit really maked him seem weak which made me think 'how the fuck can he fight like that if he's coughing like fuck when he's just walking about?!' Palpatine DEFO killed Plagous. I think I'm gonna go see it again this weekend, might have more to add to that! On the whole though, good clean fun
  22. Pete

    KT Tunstall

    No way, she's ACE!!!!!
  23. Does anyone love this woman even half as much as I do?! I'm gonna be seeing her FOUR, count 'em, FOUR times in May and might possibly be going for lunch with her
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