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  1. Hasselhoff's crowning glory was probably the short lived Baywatch Nights which was kind of like what would happen if Baywatch and Miami Vice had a baby and dropped it head first on a hardwood floor. That, or "I've Been Looking for Freedom"
  2. Please justify Aerosmith. They must be the only people who can do a song with Run DMC and still produce an annoying song.
  3. If that's directed at me' date=' read my post again. I've got no problems with the pad, but it could make some conversions difficult and potentially scare away third-party developers. I've got a couple of problems with article: Mr Iwata was later heard to add: "so you can play Mario Wand (or whatever) and like it!! Also, if you've been playing Nintendo games for years and would like to play them without gimmicks I guess you can go eat a bowl of dicks! You can even use our pad as a spoon to shovel them into your mouth!!!!!!!!!!" I'm using sarcasm to prove a point, but I'm really worried that the typically conservative Western market will run a mile from (frankly unasked for) innovation. Having said that, we've seen plenty of sales of dance pads, cameras and steering wheels in recent years so I could be wrong. I trust Nintendo to pull this off, but will it mean the end of some developers relationship with Nintendo? I guess we'll have to wait 'til we see the "traditional pad" this thing slots into. This DOES sound cool and you've got no soul if you disagree, but I hope third-party developers can get to grips with using it. THAT'S my biggest fear.
  4. Tool - Seriously, stop telling me how "deep" they are. I've never met a Tool fan who was a nice person. I have the creeping suspicion that Tool's fans would love Good Charlotte if they had videos of puppets drinking jars of bees and 15minutes of clowns crying at the start and end of every song. The Mars Volta - If your song is longer than four minutes, nobody is listening but you and probably some ass who pretends to like Jazz. I think all the Tool fans like Mars Volta now because everyone noticed Tool were just a nu-metal band. Audioslave - At least RATM were funny because rich kids danced to them and pretended to be socialists... Aerosmith - If Paris Hilton was music... HIM - I find HIM's success completely unfathomable. Their songs sound identical, their connected to Bam Margarine and even their logo is annoying.
  5. I don't like how Henry Hoover rolled his eyes at me like a petulant, sarcastic little shit so I stuck a converse right in his fucking face and then did a dragon punch.
  6. One time I was in Solid Gold and Marvel Superheroes had just come out on the Saturn and some first years was playing it and some first year said "Spider-Man is crap. If he has the power of a spider you could just step on him." but I pointed out it was the proportionate strength of a spider in a really snotty, indignant voice and thought I was cool but I was arguing about a 2D game on the Sega Saturn about superheros punching each other so I guess that kid won in the end. My point is that spiders are pretty tough and are fast. If they were horse sized we would either be destroyed by them or maybe we would ride around on them and have fast races.
  7. I think it's awesome. It means my genitals don't look like rotten ham and in todays high-tech world this is definitley a plus in the world of business. EDIT: I'd rather listen to Avril than the Sex Pistols. Not that I dislike punk, just that I think the Sex Pistols make better cultural icons than they do musicians. Which is kind of the point, but being iconic doesn't mean you produce something essential.
  8. Yeah. I don't know if theory boxes you in. I mean, half the fun I find is purposely breaking the "rules" which results in some cool sounding stuff.
  9. Avril's embarrasing, but I find the whole hardcore "who's selling out?/who's straight edge?/who's the most politically active?" the most damaging thing ever to happen to punk as it bred musical stagnation and elitism. The whole thing's a bit cringeworthy and childish. All Avril's doing is speaking ill of the dead. Sure, it's disrespectful, but it's not like she's really harming anybody. Bless.
  10. Seems a few people liked Lapsus or Amanda. I'm quite obviously a total mark for the Dresden Dolls, so who I prefered is a no-brainer, but I was genuinely disappointed by Lapsus. The Lapsus Lingaue stuff I've heard on CD had been fine, but live they were nothing but a pretentious dirge. I thought that was a damn shame.
  11. Any word on this? I read that the label had hired a Private Detective to find her and while part of me thinks that a private detetive on the trail of a missing jazz singer is a great story, it's a little sad.
  12. Two hours? I just squealed like a little girl! Have to add myself to the legions asking if there are still tickets left. I got mine back in June (?) but I have friends who're leaving it to the last minute, thus freaking me out.
  13. Aberdeen's fire engines are white, which is a bit rubbish. I always think they're ghost fire engines and "fire engines" is an inaccurate name because they actually shoot water. I'd still give them 78% on Gamefaqs,
  14. I think most of the first album was written without Brian, so I'm guessing we're likely to hear a lot of "Dresden Dolls" tracks. Regardless, I'm confident we're all in for a treat tonight. Brian is a great drummer and a fantastic entertainer live, though.
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