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  1. something to dance to www.myspace.com/deathqunt
  2. cheers, there is a new tune up if anyone is interested
  3. hello It would be cool to hear what the people of aberdeen...music.com think of my new band in Leeds, DeathQunt. we played at moshulu a couple weeks ago to about 10 people but hopefully we will be playing in town again sometime during summer. its kind of like...free punk jazz noise metal -ish www.myspace.com/deathqunt Cheers Craig the veggie bastard
  4. sounds great, are there any slots (headline or support) avalable ? Cheers Craig
  5. got a new Big Filthy Log tune up at www.myspace.com/bigdirtylog would be cool to hear what people think
  6. hello... Friday 28th of July Kef Doors 7pm - Tickets 4 Soundshok Enrapture The Hexagonal Pensioners - www.myspace.com/hexpen Which Way Now All bands have myspace thingers if you wanna check them out. Cheers Craig
  7. hey man, cool pictures from the gig ? get any of us?!
  8. Cheers guys, i put some old hex pens stuff up at www.myspace.com/oldhexpen there is also a pretty cool video that stewcat made a while back...
  9. If anyone is interested we have put a couple new recordings up at www.myspace.com/hexpen would be cool to hear what people think... Cheers Craig
  10. I'v put a new track 'I've Cleared an Escape Route because they Might be Zombies' up on www.myspace.com/craigscott87 it would be cool to hear what people think... Cheers
  11. along with some of my other stuff... ...www.myspace.com/craigscott87 plug plug
  12. Hey , If anyone is interested there are two old/new (reworkings of old songs) that we recorded quickly before the last gig that are up for download at www.myspace.com/hexpen t'would be cool to hear what people think ... Cheers Craig The Veggie Bastard
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