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  1. Here's a preview of what to expect on Tuesday!!!! - Anderson, mcginty, Webster, ward and Fisher Mans ruin - 27264211
  2. 27264211 Man's Ruin, Scotland's premier exponent of Folk/Funk/(Fulk?) music will be appearing at the Blue Lamp this December. If you like what you see hope to see you at the gig!! www.mansruinmusic.com https://www.facebook.com/mansruinscotland 6th December The Blue Lamp Doors 7.30 Entry £5/3 (Support from Anderson, McGinty, Webster, Ward and Fisher)
  3. Man's Ruin The Health and Safety Tour!!! December 6th Doors 7.30pm The Blue Lamp (support from Anderson, Mcginty, Webster, Ward and Fisher) ENTRY £5/£3 A hazardous concoction of funk, folk, rock and country from five of Scotland's leading cross genre cross-genre folk contemporaries. Thumping dance floor grooves, epic pipe melodies and lyrics which resonate with a modern day Scotland. Touring Scotland in support of their new album 'Health and Safety' From the people who brought you Treacherous Orchestra, Breabach and Croft no.5! www.mansruinmusic.com www.facebook.com/mansruinscotland
  4. Jimmygoodein

    Bass Amp & Double Bass pickup for sale

    I'm afraid I dont actually know, I'm asuming about 200w. I'll have search on google later.
  5. Jimmygoodein

    Bass Amp & Double Bass pickup for sale

    update! amp has a 4 ohm rating, so you can connect two 8 ohm cabinets to it. also, output is 150w, sorry not 500w. Still loud though! pics of the amp: Cheers
  6. Jimmygoodein

    Bass Amp & Double Bass pickup for sale

    Bass Amp Peavey MK III 500w, with 4x10 cabinet. well used but still works fine - robust and loud Looking for 180 ono. Also! Revolution Solo Double Bass Pickup great pickup, only been gigged a few times. 80 ono located just outside inverurie send me a PM if interested and would like pictures. Cheers
  7. Jimmygoodein

    The Real King Louie - Soul/Reggae anyone?

    great stuff
  8. Jimmygoodein


    bit of a weak episode, but hopefully things will start to look up from now. Im needing more locke story
  9. Jimmygoodein

    Aberdeen Jazz Festival

    I second that, what a monster! also go see colin steele
  10. Jimmygoodein


    I was impressed by the episode last night. The best episodes in a while. Good to see some real developments in the plot, but still nothing is really much clearer. keeps me guessing
  11. Jimmygoodein


    tonights the night, woop
  12. Jimmygoodein

    Scottish rock/Folk style band

    aye, whats the news!
  13. Jimmygoodein


    oh aye should be a treat
  14. Jimmygoodein

    Scottish rock/Folk style band

    places to practise: captain Toms: Captain Tom's Rehearsals Musical Vision: MUSICAL VISION LTD // ONLINE // HOME thats a couple im aware of. Or perhaps find a barn or something?
  15. Jimmygoodein

    Scottish rock/Folk style band

    hey i play bass and would be up for a jam