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  1. Hey guys, I posted on here around 2 years back but never got the time to start the band I was wanting. Heavily into the likes of Wolfstone, Peatbogs faeries and Shooglenifty.. playing the odd bit of their stuff, im interested in starting a band. I currently play violin so if anyones also looking for a violinist then give us a shout sometime. pm or email me @ duncanledingham@btinternet.com cheers
  2. sorry for the delay guys, Iv had a heap of crap to deal with recently hence the delay, Never been in a band before so iv not a clue what to do now! Any experienced ish band members suggest anything?? Meet up somewhere for a intro sesh? or just go jam and hope for the best??
  3. Basically im really interested in making a band which has a piper, violin,maybe 2, a drummer/percussion/a guitarist and a bass player aswell. Other more interesting instruments could be good aswell. I play violin just now and i know of a piper in the area that maybe interested in it. Wheres the best place to practise?? Anyone know??
  4. Anyone in the area of aberdeen interested in scottish folk rock?...runrig?..wolfstone?..peatbogfaeries?..shooglenifty?.. Interested in a jam?...or band?? dunc
  5. Dunc

    Alt.Country Anyone?

    Im into cash, dylan mostly but also like scottish folk rock such as peat bog faeries, wolfstone, shooglenifty etc. I play violin, guitar and attempt to sing aswell.
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