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Most famousest person you've ever met.


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Oh yes, the McDonalds or McAllisters or whatever. I was rather more distracted by the girl in the middle.

Did they have any career at all after X Factor?

They played at the first Wizard Festival. I kow because they were playing to a packed main stage while we were on a half empty acoustic stage.

People are dicks.

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The Queen asked me if she could watch me putt on the 5th green at Balmoral golf course while she was out horse-riding about 20 years ago. Dunno if that technically counts as meeting her, but I had to say "Thankyou Your Majesty" and bow and shit.

Other than that, I met former AFC overhead-kick specialist Rachid Belabed in O'Henrys ages ago. He could hardly speak English.

So, yeah...the Queen and Rachid Belabed. Hmmmm.

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I met the cast of The Singing Kettle once when they pulled me up onstage at HMT at their zoo-themed show. I'm a bit young to remember, but they tried to get me to part with the tiger ears I was wearing in exchange for a penguin baseball cap and wings, but I've heard that I was none too happy about that.

I also met Frank Bruno in the Duthie Park once at some event. I wasn't especially happy about that either.

My friend and I met Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley and Mike Mogis whilst horrifically lost and more than a little tipsy after a Rilo Kiley gig in Omaha, trying to find our exceptionally elusive taxi. They were lovely, but sadly couldn't locate our taxi either.

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