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  1. Blade Runner 2049 I've seen the original more times than I care to think of, although more so in my teens than in recent years. This film looks amazing, kind of wish I got around to seeing it in the cinema. It's pretty good but rather slow moving and at just over 2.5 hours long I felt it could do with some superfluous stuff cut down but I seem to find that with most films over 2 hours these days. Think I need to rewatch, sometimes you just need to get the first view out of the way. 8/10 Death Rides a Horse I love Spaghetti Westerns, found this one in the 2nd hand DVD section in Groucho's in Dundee. Lee Van Cleef is in it and Ennio Morricone does the music so therefore it is great. A guy whose family was slaughtered when he was a nipper and he witnessed it all seeks revenge as a gun slinging adult and Van Cleef sort of mentors him. 9/10 The Doors Hadn't seen this in years. Thought it was great in my late teens when I was a huge Doors fan. It hasn't aged that well. Or maybe I just see it's flaws more now. The big concert scenes are still quite impressive and Val Kilmer shows great committment but the constant goofy grin, stary eyes and mugging into the camera are tedious. His fake beard is shite as well. 5/10 The Hobbit Trilogy I wnted to re-watch the Lord of the Rings films with my son but he is pernickity and wanted to watch these first. I find them a struggle. The first one is kind of OK but the next 2 are pretty tedious, way too long and plot stretched too thin. Should have been 2 films max. There aren't as many engaging characters as in the LotR films and much as I like Martin Freeman he slips into Tim from The Office mode a bit at times. 6/10
  2. Perhaps i'm missing something, or have some sort of out of kilter hearing, but this doesn't sound bad like others have made out. It seems kind of out of place, in that there arent many bands peddling this sort of thing these days that are on my radar at all, so in Aberdeen, the land where anything not punk or metal of some form is regarded with suspicion, this will seem positively freakish. It has a late 70's/80's feel to it, some of it reminded me of The The circa 'Mind Bomb'. I would enjoy it live I think.
  3. Had an argument with someone in the pub last night, they were whining about him getting 14 minutes on the news, I stated that was probably not enough given the fact he is probably the most significant pop culture figure this country has ever produced...."get tae fuck, "Ziggy Stardust" was a fucking great album but he did fuck all else, he just reinvented himself about 6 times". Gave up at that point in disgust. And it's not like i'm even a Bowie fanatic, just appreciate and admire his imagination and ability to reinvent himself so consistently. His albums from "The Man Who Sold the World" through to "Let's Dance" are all great in my mind. That's a fair run. Some of the later singles I heard were OK, never investigated the albums though. While "The Next Day" was pretty good it didn't blow me away, "Blackstar" is awesome though. Although I foresee a lot of copies appearing in charity shops due to nostalgia buyers finding it doesn't sound like his 70's stuff.
  4. Yeah yeah, you say that but I bet if you were colouring in wrestlers you'd be all over that shit!
  5. Ha, no idea why it posted twice and it doesn't quite make the point the way intended. Hope Sandi doesn't come on here, she could mock my mistakes.
  6. We should all be grateful to her for reminding us that having a novelty hit that is barely better than 'Agadoo' after conning folk into thinking an 'underground' following was actually a carefully orchestated pack of lies doesn't necessarily lead to future happiness. We can all learn a lesson here. Thanks Sandi.
  7. We should all be grateful to her for reminding us that having a novelty hit that is barely better than 'Agadoo' after conning folk into thinking an 'underground' following was actually a carefully orchestated pack of lies doesn't necessarily lead to future happiness. We can all learn a lesson here. Thanks Sandi.
  8. I've never been a full on rap fanatic, tend to dip in and out on occasion, not really aware of current stuff. I watched 'King of New York' for the first time in a while last week, which led to a quick look on Amazon to see the Schoolly D situation (couple of his songs on the soundtrack, usually horrendously expensive to get hold of his stuff), found 'Saturday Night (the Album)' going cheap these days so picked that up. Its OK, typically 80's mysoginist moments though. 'Am I Black Enough For Ya' still affa dear though.
  9. A'ZI Cool I believe, saw them in Drummonds one time with Copy Haho, the lad Kuda and the French lad both rapped. I remember being pleasantly surprised that it was non-shit
  10. You must have been well pissed off when you caught a Virgin train.
  11. I recorded this on Sky a while back, thought it was pretty decent. I only own one Bikini Kill CD and all the Le Tigre ones, made me want to collect up more but for some reason all her back catalogue is crazy priced. I didnt know she was married to Ad Rock fromBeastie Boys either. For some reason I always thought she was a lesbian.
  12. I also think Friends is unfairly maligned. I really like the last couple of seasons, all the relationship stuff was pretty much out of the way and there was just some good daft humour going on. Just watched the Fargo TV series, really good, Billy Bob is ace in it.
  13. Like I could actually find myself unemployed this year for the first time in 27 years....
  14. Based on his time playing in Frank Sidebottom's band, so the keyboard player is a fictionalised version of himself, so I read anyway. Great film in any case.
  15. I went to see 'To Kill a Mockingbird' last Friday, it was cleverly staged and really rather good.
  16. Watched the first season a while back then got part way through the 2nd and got distracted, just binge watched the lot over the past couple of weeks, bought the DVD sets on the cheap. Good move because I will definitely rewatch, great television. Enjoyed spotting ex-'Friends' cast....Ross' ex-wife's new wife Susan as Gretchen and Mr. Heckels as scrap yard owner. Also took me a while to twig that Gus was Buggin' Out from 'Do the Right Thing'....
  17. Oh yeah, I also bought The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream out of interest, its good but a strange concoction of sounds, like Springsteen mixed with Prince and even a bit of INXS. The Twilight Sad - Nobody Wants to be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave also seemed very good on the sole listen thus far.
  18. As usual I seem to buy more old shit by bands I have just discovered or bands I like who I didnt realise had new things come out over the past couple of years but I think all these came out this year and I liked them, in no particular order - Various - Only Lovers Left Alive Soundtrack Sunn O))) and Ulver - Terrestrials A Winged Victory For the Sullen - Atomos Mogwai - Rave Tapes Sleaford Mods - Divide and Exit Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence Swans - To Be Kind The Wytches - Annabel Dream Reader Shellac - Dude Incredible Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots Goat - Commune extnddntwrk - Just Tracks I also finally gave in and bought 'Indie Cindy' by Pixies against my better judgement, which turned out to be surprisingly decent and I think I actually like it more than 'Trompe Le Monde'.
  19. Haven't seen/heard many new local bands this year, Lenin Death Mask were great when I saw them. Also - Kitchen Cynics Palace of Swords Seas, Starry Callahan Min Diesel Bisongrass His Name Is Codeine Flights
  20. I've only had the one listen thus far but enjoyed it. Everything gels nicely together, which wasn't always the case on previous Das recordings, it sometimes felt like parts from different styles of song muddled together. The dual vocals work real good and it also sounds real good considering it seemed to be recorded in a relatively short space of time. All in all, good effort folks
  21. Im a huge Nick Cave fan but never really took to this record, I found the second album much better. The remix version of that is great also.
  22. Apparently some shops have decided just to not bother putting bags at the self checkouts at all which was a pain. A mate of mine fought the system by going home with his shopping in a basket.
  23. Hass' must be the best chips I have had. Incredibly crispy outside while like mashed tattie inside. Awesome. The Bay in Stoney is good but I find their chips could generally do with a bit longer cooking. When The Carron is on its game its superior for me. Sometimes consistency in the quality of the fish frying lets it down, there The Bay is pretty consistent.
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