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  1. Pornhub Premium is Free the now which is cool
  2. Cisco 2600 Series Modular Router rack mountable with power cable - £25 Apple A1143 AirPort Extreme Base Station 2nd Generation £20 Cisco AP1242AG Wireless Access Point with 4 antennae - £15 15" Full HD Screen for ASUS x555L laptop - £15 or £20 with fitting If outwith Aberdeen can DHL for no extra cost E-mail: moist@cunt.org.uk
  3. Ooooh a kind of political thread, where's the user tvtanned to comment on political things when you need him
  4. Another Link: BBC News Webshite Story Also hahahahahahahahah
  5. Aberdeen City Council have sabotaged plans for any Yes vote in the city. A vote for Independence is NOT a vote for the SNP and all their policies, this needs to be made clear from the start Remember: You need to CONVINCE people that Independence is right, convincing them does NOT mean telling they are WRONG, STUPID or a TRAITOR and is in fact more likely to get them to vote the other way. Social Media is not the be-all-and-end-all - You have to get out and vote, convince the folk who don't use social media, too many folk posting meaningless drivel on Facebook without doing the leg work
  6. http://uk.reuters.com/article/us-britain-scotland-aberdeen-idUKKBN1791E4
  7. Common sense, looking more like it was just an act to get elected http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/us-president-elect-donald-trump-support-assad-putin-syria-remove-rebel-backing-a7413346.html
  8. It comes down to this: Democracy goes both ways, you cannot disregard it if it doesn't go your way, that is not democracy!
  9. I think people are pretty fed up with being called bigots and racists merely for saying that immigration to their countries should be cut and other "traditionally" non-racist ideas as well as voting for something seen as "right wing" - a lot of which are not even close to the "Nazi" ideals the media portrays. In the UK it is considered racist to say that you want to cut immigration because the NHS is failing to cope, non UK taxpayers should have to more for education and healthcare , immigrants shouldn't get benefits until they've worked and paid taxes for 5 years, immigrants shouldn't be allowed to claim benefits for children abroad, people who cant speak the language shouldn't be allowed to work in the UK and that religious schools shouldn't exist. It's getting ridiculous This is one of the reasons Trump got elected, the other being that the democrats fixed it so that their only candidate who stood a chance against Trump had no chance whatsoever. I'm glad it's Trump and not Clinton, it wasn't so much a vote for Trump as a vote for discontent with the establishment.
  10. It's about 1k and Application for Permanent Residence is only £65 if you've been here permanently for more than 5 years I wish they would stop pissing about and invoke article 50
  11. MerryChristmas


    I'm looking for blue goats cheese I heard you could get it during the depression
  12. Didn't get what I voted for FASCISM OMG WAAAAHA
  13. We are in the same position except I calmed her down using the "common sense" argument. They won't lose the right to work(and be fired because of it) and there won't be mass deportations. This is a mess but the country/possibly countries now will survive
  14. This is exactly how I feel too and I don't know why you would have to put the disclaimer about not trolling. Also not everyone who voted to leave is a bigot and a racist as so many are wont to say. The European countries sold about 800000 cars here in 2013 - that's a lot of cars - something to think about
  15. There is a good points to this result: Westminster may not be as corrupt as we thought
  16. As a Scot, I'm fed up losing referendums
  17. It's sad really. A few years ago I visited Sousse for the first time and it was quite lovely, during that stay I went to Tripoli and saw Jaefran which is a beautiful town. The second time I went to Sousse was just after the revolution and a lot had changed but the people were just as friendly. The war against Daesh can only be won through Education. You cannot win a war against people hiding within the civilian population using bombs. The world should also refer to them as Daesh instead of the Islamic State or ISIS
  18. Oil filter and Haynes manual for Nissan almera
  19. Put on fake beard Buy sim card from poundland Walk in to a non local shop without cameras Pay cash for top-up voucher Put phone in to aeroplane mode when not in use Sorted
  20. Small dining table preferably folding, Bookcase and TV Cabinet for the corner of a living room Free if possible Please PM Me
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