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  1. Oh, hi. With Carson Wells, supporting Rod Jones from Idlewild's band The Birthday Suit at The Woodend Barn in Banchory. Beautiful venue but a bit bleak when 6 people show up (two of which were my Mum and Dad, on one of the only times they saw us). Sound was gash. The house bass amp that Huw was, for some reason, asked to use, kept cutting out, so he kept turning round to it mid-song. Given he was our lead singer at the time, all those 6 lucky individuals really witnessed was scratchy guitar and booming drums (due to the large, empty venue). This was also from our earlier years where our music was pretty rubbish/horrible anyway. It was just a noisy, hot mess that we've since agreed never to talk about that. And I said 'thanks to Rod Gilbert' whose someone else entirely.
  2. I've played Last of Us through 3 times now. Will probably play it again soon. I just think its absolutely brilliant. I mean, its no secret that it is a highly rated game, I just can't quite put my finger on what it is that makes me so captivated by it. The gameplay is really good, the characters and story are great, but there is a je n'est ce quoi mixed in there somewhere. 10 out of bloody 10.
  3. I don't get it. Surely Glenn Loovens is a bit bummed about being moved from 5-12 too. And Nuhui fro 9-44?! What's the thinking behind it all? Plus, their new strip is gash. Sheffield Wednesday should always play in blue and white stripes with BLACK shorts. Its such a great look, ffs. All blue is so boring.
  4. What I've found, also, is to persist with it. Even if you're 1-0 down at half time, keep the faith.
  5. You will get the odd 4-0 victory against Man City though, which always feels good.
  6. No-one will be particularly prolific. You'll draw 0-0 a lot but get a few 2-0/1-0. Most goals from open play will come from the striker though, who'll make late runs into the box, closely followed by the wingers and BBM. You won't concede often, I can promise that. Tnh, If you get a good set piece taker and good headers of the ball, that'll help heaps.
  7. Yes, I've had huge success with a counter attacking 4141. Its my go to tactic when results aren't going my way. Relies on an energetic striker, masses of pace on the wing and a good mover of the ball in centre mid. Its incredibly simple: GK-d FB-s CD-d CD-d FB-s A-d W-s BBM-s CM-s W-s DF - s/d Counter mentality and balanced philosophy. Literally no instructions, although I instruct full backs to sit wider and my forward to hold the ball up. You'll have all 11 players in defense, letting your opponent have possession and trying to play between the lines. Its incredibly difficult for them to do so. You'll often see one of your back 5 make an interception or tackle and pass the ball to the CM-s, who will wait for the wings and centre midfield partner to get forward a bit. He then has 4 options in front of him, or can play it back to either full back who are usually in space. You have Shelvey? He'll probably be good at this if you train him to not play 'Hollywood' passes. It kept me up in my first Premier League season with Blackburn and then let me build a solid premier league stint before I left. As I got better players, I gradually became more expansive until I was ready to set out and control possession. This works with fairly ordinary players, in my experience. You do need pace on the wings though (I'm talking >16). Pace in BBM can't hurt either.
  8. I like mine the best (Landon Rotherham) as its unreservedly shit.
  9. I want to join again, but is it annoying when people sign up and then don't participate beyond match day 4? Because that's what I always do.
  10. Soz, I was looking at the site on my phone and it (my phone) was malfunctioning.
  11. I found two right away and got excited about defying you, but that's all I could find. Gibraltar is so comically small that you can basically spot them both with a full view of the principality.
  12. My current game started at Blackburn. I also came first in the Championship in my first season, but my key players were Ben Marshall and Craig Conway! Marshall continued to tear shit up in the prem for a good few seasons too. I, too, signed Asmir Begovic in my first season in the prem. I also got Fabian Delph and Lewis Cook - who made my central midfield pretty colossal. We got bought over by a 'rich billionaire' in between my 3rd and 4th season who gave me a transfer budget of >£100m. I'd be interested to see if the same happens for you; I'm not sure how it works.
  13. The Treble as in both domestic cups and the title? Jeezo! How many seasons in did you get? I often start a Blackburn game and its been interesting to play as them over the past couple of seasons as they’re in the shit financially. I got promoted from the Championship through the playoffs in my first season, after coming 6th, which basically eradicated most of their debt. I then went on to the Premier League for a further 4 seasons. In my 3rd season they got taken over by a billionaire who invested stupid amounts of money in the club. My league form wasn’t great - I came something like 14th, 10th, 8th, 8th – but in my fourth season I won the fucking Champion’s League (beating Real Madrid 3-1 in the final!). I find this game much harder overall, but I couldn’t help thinking my Champion’s League triumph was a bit scripted. I mean, I had ok players, but they weren’t performing, outside of the Champion’s League. While possibly being my greatest FM triumph to date it was a bit weird. Do you find it a lot harder than before?
  14. I used to updated my squad numbers every season in order to get a 1-11 in my perceived starting 11, but now I apply a much more lax method. No player on my books will ever lose his number, unless in my head they want a different number. Therefore, I might break my club transfer record on a new centre forward, but he still might wear #27 until the number of his, or my, choice is freed up. Any of 4, 5 & 6 can be either centre backs or central midfielders. Stop it. I’m just a much more continental and cool manager than the lot of you.
  15. Absolutely seshing MGS5. I got it on release day and only got about half way through, but I've come back to it after a few months and its really a great game, despite its flaws. I've reached that stage where you get the right weapons and level of skill to become ridiculously deadly; just tearing through enemy bases. I'd highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a big game to get their teeth into.
  16. I think I come on Ab-Mus now purely for the entertainment of your football posts.
  17. Tiote would punt everyone over the top rope.
  18. Who'd win a premier league royal rumble?
  19. I always give a player in my U18s a massive potential, but don't update his current ability.
  20. Just regular Poland, I'm afraid.
  21. I had a rad Sheff Wed game on FM15. Promotion in first season of Championship then a good few seasons in the prem, a Capital One cup an then I stopped because the new one came out. I’m on the verge of getting the sack in my current game with Blackburn. 2019/2020 season and I have them in the blooming Champion’s League after a 4th place finish in the previous season. I’m having a bit of a player’s mutiny and they aint performing. Some aren’t turning up for training, which has resulted in 2 weeks of wages and a stint with the U21s, much to their team mates’ horror. I think it’s a lot to do with having an over-inflated squad and lots of people complaining about their match time. A lot of people seem to want to leave as other clubs are interested and end up having a huge strop when I deny them this. I’m at the end of November, so might try and slim down the squad by cutting out the main offenders and use the proceeds to buy a word class centre back, which is much needed to compete. Otherwise, I think I’ll be out on my arse before long, as I’m sitting 10th after 14 games, with a run of 4 losses. Hey, perhaps its just my time to move on to something else. All the other teams in England have improved immensely and have ridiculously good squads, so I don’t think there’s much else I can do with Blackburn. I’m also the Poland manager and just qualified for the 2020 Euros, from a group including Portugal and Holland (the latter didn’t make it). They probably have the least well balanced squad in history and basically no left sided players.
  22. I had a day off yesterday, recuperating from my stag do, and ended up playing FM for 6 hours straight. Went back to Blackburn game in the 18-19 season. Finished 6th in the prem on my 17-18 season, and won the shit cup. I then got bought by some mad billionaire in the summer, so we’re actually in a really good place financially; having been close to administration at the end of my first season (despite being promoted). I also managed to sign up some chaps at the start of this season, after I was given a £100mm war chest. My side is absolutely ridiculous and competing for the top 4 and the Europa League, after a dodgy start due to the number of new players I brought in. Starting 11 as follows: Asmir Begovic Keiran Trippier – Gary Cahill (c) – Lucas – Aaron Cresswell Sami Khedira – Nick Powell – Kevin Strootman Gokhan Tore – Jordan Rhodes – Ricardo Kishna Bench: Jason Steele, Terence Kongolo, Juan Sanchez Mino, Lewis Cook, Fabian Delph, Serge Gnarby, Stevan Jovetic Pretty cracking 1st 11… Nick Powell, Jordan Rhodes and Gary Cahill aren’t particularly highly rated but their form is incredible. Nick Powell is my top rated player with an average rating of about 7.9! (He’s that guy Fergie signed from Accrington Stanley, or something, that has barely played for united) Playing a fairly standard 4 -3 -3/ 4-2-3-1 (as above) against weaker opponents and a counterattacking 4-1-4-1 against stronger opponents and sitting 4th with about 10 games left. The biggest thorn in my side is my players like Jordan Rhodes coming to me and claiming Real Madrid want to sign them and then going in a strop when I tell them that’s ridiculous. Another one is ‘I want to play in the Champion’s League’ when we’re sitting bloody 4th as it is! I’ve had a number of player mutinies, actually, as they all reckon they’re Billy Big Bollocks. That’s always the problem with signing big names to a small club, but I’m gonna go all the way with these lads. They’ll see.
  23. I think I'm in ranked matches, its just I got to Semi-Pro and then didn't play for months on end, so its maybe a bit skewed. I basically only play 3v3. Are there other modes you'd recommend?
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