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the number 19 bus


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Matt Lucas bus driver!! haha, thought it was only us!!

And no, the mullet man isn't a legend. He woke me up on the bus in the middle of dyce cuz I was mortally drunk. I then got off thinking I was somewhere near home....aye, a few hours walk!! (much like solution_devices story actually)

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thats Davie!

he's a legend!

once he woke me up in culter cos i fell asleep and then i had to walk home cos i was too pissed to realise the bus goes back the same route... not clever' date=' or fun![/quote']

oo yeah that's the one! Davie. My friends and I did find out his real name a while back but were a bit disappointed that it wasn't that magical. Maybe that's why I chose to forget. He waved to us when he was coming back into town after the Culter late night....I felt so special :)

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Culter bus drivers are legends!

I'm on that bus almost every day, and had Matt Lucas driving the other day. It's so funny, he's even more like him when really concentrating on the road. I couldn't stop laughing!

There's also that little mole type guy - an older guy - who just glares at you and squints and moves close to you whn you show your all day ticket! :D

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what pisses me off about the bendy buses is that they have signs all over them telling you to use the back exit then when you stand there they don't open them! grrr.

the 19 is a good bus' date=' though i'm partial to the 16 as it takes me from the end of my street to right outside college.[/quote']

worst bus is the 17 if u live in dyce, although the 14/40 to kingswells can be asseholeish.

best bus probably the number 2 or 13.

ive lived in a lot of places, check out my ' Rough Guide to Aberdeen Transport' available in good book shops.

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I too live in Tilly and have gotten the 19 bus right through to Cults a number of times.

I hate the fucking Aberdeen buses' date=' talk about fucking irregular. Seen the Matt Lucas-alike a few times too. I'm always on the 19.....[/quote']

you live near my old flat!

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Guest *alex*
The 19's my faveourite bus.Although I have been gettin the number 2 alot more lately due to the location of my girlfriend.Bendy buses rule!

I get the 2 to work, and it's always a bendy bus. i hate bendy buses..when you have to walk down them and the middle bit moves and i always think i'm going to fall over.. :(

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do they do a late night 19 service? if so does anyone know the times/stops?


Late night services for number 19 bus on Friday and Saturday come by the hour...1am, 2am, 3am...you can get on at any number 19 bus stop on union street and will take you all the way to culter...doesn't go up george st. though.

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