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  1. Caught these guys in Seoul last night. Amazing. They are playing SXSW in march. Check them out.
  2. Hello all. Although I'm living in Korea I still consider myself a local Aberdonian. I recently started a solo project. I've written my first song in Seoul. You can hear it and download it for free at oliverphilpott - Coming Around - SoundCloud Thanks, Ollie
  3. Fair play to them. They have been working hard for years, putting the graft in. It's bloody hard to keep together as a unit and to keep keen about what you are doing musically.
  4. Has anyone been listening to his stuff? Chanced upon him in Portland, Oregon last month. Excellent live. YouTube - Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson - Buriedfed 8-)
  5. Great band, caught them in New York last night. I think McClusky were better though. Any thoughts? Ciao, stay classy, Aberdeen
  6. Our track 'Landmine' was played on the best of myspace podcast by NME radio presenter gill mills. You can hear the podcast here - best of myspace Gill will play the track most nominated from the podcast on her NME Radio show. If you could email her asking to play our track we'd be grateful. Her email is - GILL.MILLS@NMERADIO.CO.UK Thanks, Ste and Ollie
  7. Forget to add that it was Mastered by Robin Sutherland of Stapleton, Cast of the Capital fame and so on... Cheers Robin!
  8. Our debut E.P 'Yeosu Dangerous' is out now. It's out on MP3 and CD via iTunes, Amazon and a few other sites. The CD distribution is being handled by Amazon. To purchase a copy visit: AMStunes Store - Electric Fan Death . Electric Fan Death on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Kindest, Ollie
  9. My band, Electric Fan Death, got chosen as artist of the week on Glasgow Podcart. Coolio. Welcome to PodcART - Home Ollie
  10. 51 foreigners are in fact in quarantine. Welcome to Korea new friends! An English Teacher Under Quarantine in South Korea
  11. here's a youtube link to the wondergirls, the song is awful.
  12. you have to be joking? ha!
  13. i live in korea and I hate K pop. its awful. super junior, the wondergirls and rain are some of the regular Korean pop bands. Awful. Terrible.
  14. Glasgow Podcart are a nice bunch. More people should be paying attention, if nothing else because they are identifying good Scottish talent. Go listen. www,glasgowpodcart.com Ollie
  15. Hi all, Our band Electric Fan Death are to feature on Glasgow Podcart this wednesday. Welcome to PodcART - Home
  16. Hi all, Our band are in the final stages of getting our debut EP mastered. Sadly, it seems as if our contact in the UK is unable to help distribute our CD's to potential buyers. Thus, we are seeking an indie label or fanzine to store our CD's and help us distribute to buyers. Can anyone offer any help by way of contacts? Kindest, Ollie Electric Fan Death on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  17. Hi IMP listeners. Thought you might like to hear about some interesting music that we played in the first AMStunes alternative podcast. My band Electric Fan Death hosted our labels first podcast last week. It features many up and coming, and some already established alternative artists. Our full playlist is: 1. Get In Get Out - Kelly's Kites 2. Cuba Cuba - Fountains 3. Kid Canaveral - Smash Hits 4. Electric Fan Death - Landmine 5. Endor - Seek Cover 6. Popup - Love Triangle 7. Over The Wall - Guts 8. Won Mississippi - Over Our Empire 9. Miss The Occupier - Short Sight 10. Ross Clark and the Scarves Go Missing - Three Blind Wolves 11. Spyamp - Ka'ching 12. Stroszek - Dancing On The Motorway 13. Electric Fan Death - Books On Buildings 14. John S Wilson - Stringed Wings 15. Be A Familiar - You'd Make A Great Ghost 16. The Areola Treat - Sibbi 17. The Poems - So Soon 18. Tear Down The Lies! - Exchanges The podcast features the exclusive release of our song 'Books on Buildings'. The podcast is available for download or for streaming at - AMStunes Radio - Alternative Podcast Please do check it out. Thanks, Ollie
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