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  1. Advanced Higher History - A Advanced Higher Latin - A Advanced Higher French - B Higher Classical Studies -A. Basically what I was expecting. AH French was so hard I really didn't expect to get an A. But oh well, I still got into my first choice uni, so everything's great.
  2. Hahahaha, sucks to be in the audience. Or sucks to be the singer. What a twat. How old do you reckon they all are? They look about 7.
  3. Gash, I'll be in Manchester by October. I'd love to see Hot Chip and Boy Kill Boy. But I'll check it out, hopefully there's Manchester dates too.
  4. Oh, I have two more: 1)Shitty, neddy, underage girls who go out into town at night without a jacket. What the fuck is with this? Do you not get ridiculously cold? You also look like an utter idiot. 2) Scottish people who constantly whinge about the English. ESPECIALLY Scottish people who support whichever team England is playing against in football, rugby, etc. You are all fucking pathetic. Grow up.
  5. Yup. See you later, Bonnie.
  6. Dawn's just been "ejected" from the Big Brother house for breaking the rules. Apparently she was making contact with the outside world? http://www.channel4.com/bigbrother/news/newsstory.jsp?id=1191&articleMask=1
  7. Oh, but the worst is when you give up your seat for an elderly person, who then just looks offended and refuses to sit in it. You can't win
  8. God, this is 11 pages long, I gave up on page 4. Things that "Grind My Gears": 1. People who seem to lack the basic fundamentals of grammar, or who seem incapable of spelling correctly. Even worse when it's displayed on something like Myspace; if you really are that stupid, please just use a spellchecker in order to avoid looking like an absolute tit. 2. People who are rude to waitresses. 3. People who constantly moan about how "shit" Big Brother is, and how it's just used to exploit innocent people. Fuck off. If you really can't stand Big Brother, then just don't talk about it, because I don't care. 4. People who label ALL pop music as being "shit". 5. People on buses who refuse to move their bags off the seat beside them, and pretend not to notice when the bus gets so busy that people are forced to stand. 6. Rude people in general. 7. People who go to nightclubs just to stand and look miserable with their mates. 8. People who go on holiday abroad and then get really angry when the natives don't understand what they're saying.
  9. Female - love fish and seafood. Only exceptions being flat fish, sardines and anchovies. Favourites include tuna, salmon, halibut, mussels, prawns and squid.
  10. Bonna. Oh wait...I mean BonnIE.
  11. Only a week until I turn 18. As soon as I do, I'm going to put a tenner of Pete to win.
  12. Pete is generally just hilarious. And from that clip when he was in the Diary Room on last night's show, he actually seems like a really decent guy. I love him. Pete to win. Hahahaha, and it was hilarious when he called Shabaz a "silly sod" when he fucked up the shopping list. I love Pete.
  13. I'm determined to find a Golden Ticket so that I'm at least in with a chance of entering the Big Brother house and slapping Nikki around the face until she dies. And I love Pete. He's lovely. Probably the most normal and down-to-earth (minus the Tourettes) guy in there.
  14. Scottish Wars of Independence. How much can I not wait until noon on Monday?
  15. There's a great drinking game to play when Justin Lee Collins is presenting. Every time he says "I love it", "rock and roll!" or does that devil's horns hand sign, you have to take a shot. Utterly cunted within three minutes of the programme starting.
  16. Oh God, I know. Which course did you study?
  17. Had AH French today. The Reading paper was alright, apart from the Translation passage, the first half of which was ridiculously difficult. The Listening paper was generally a bit of a disaster. Sigh. Disaster disaster disaster. Next one is Thursday, but it's only a Higher, and it's easy anyway. At least I have one out of the way. :[
  18. I have AH French on Tuesday. Which should be alright. Then Higher Classical Studies on Thursday, which will be easy. But then AH History on Monday, which will be the worst thing ever. Revision revision revision. God, I hate History exams. Then I have nine days until my last exam, AH Latin on the 31st. Two days after my 18th as well. Nice.
  19. My first is on Tuesday: AH French. I'm not really stressing about any of them, apart from AH History. But History exams always fuck me up. My Manchester conditional is an A and a B in two of my three Advanced Highers, which isn't too bad. My last one is two days after my 18th birthday though, which is a bit rubbish.
  20. Oh, ours was yesterday and was alright. Someone let locusts/crickets out in the library, and there was the customary blue dye/live fish in the swimming pool, along with dead fish under the floorboards in various teachers' classrooms. And some guys duct-taped up this boy and then opened a maths teacher's classroom window and threw him inside into a 3rd year class. Apparently. But I'm glad it was sunny, it made water fights out on the lawn super fun.
  21. Far too much, but I'm giving up a lot a lot. Usually I drink about 5 double vodka and cranberrys in Archie's, then stop off in Priory for a Purple Rain, usually followed by another vodka mixer, then have a bottle of white wine in Exodus. But yeah, I'm tired of getting drunk. All I ever do is make an idiot out of myself and forget most of the night.
  22. GOD! I LOVE Guitar Hero. My friend Calum has it, and I love it. Because of Guitar Hero, everytime my best friend and I are in Exodus, we ALWAYS request "More Than A Feeling". Haha. Best game EVER.
  23. I got really excited when I saw this thread, then remembered I'll have moved down to Manchester by October. Quel dommage.
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