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  1. talking of buses... the unilink bus driver was fairly loving his accelerator today! an old lady nearly flew out the side door on take-off n a girl got smooshed between the doors... the funniest bus journey i've had in a while!
  2. burger king is always looking for new people!
  3. trust me, i'd rather do design than fine art at grays- it all seems to come down to the tutors personal taste when it comes to assessment (which is dire by the way!)
  4. nah there was still painting spaces- hence why i got an interview but im kinda glad i didnt get into 2nd year straight away, i despise the way they teach it at grays! then again, vis com doesnt seem much better along the tutoring lines!
  5. nah i completed 1st year at dundee with pretty high marks, applied for 2nd year painting at grays (wanted to move home) but was told i'd benefit from re-doing first year- meh! so it was pretty much a waste of a year!
  6. 19/20- stupid onomatopoeia!
  7. there's one particular ned that comes into BK a fair bit and always asks one of the foreign cashiers for 'mince n tatties'- and my managers wonder why im cheeky to all the customers?!
  8. first year most certainly does suck! i'm really hoping it's gonna get better (goin into 2nd year vis com) originally applied for 2nd year painting (after doing 1st year at dundee) but they thought it'd 'benefit' me if i did 1st year again- complete waste of time! (just to be clear, it sucks from a 'having to do the same thing all over again' point of view)
  9. you get all the ID info when you enrol again... at least i did?
  10. i agree with onlynik on this one- nice pc but very very expensive!
  11. my worst fear is turning on my pc to see the message 'your system folder has gone walkies'... again. especially when i havent backed up any files...
  12. they aren't OWA anymore, their name's changed to Sixteen Accused for some reason... n they're still together n what not as far as i know...
  13. hahahaha i was waiting for you to make a post about it rhino!
  14. This made me think of Chunk in The Goonies "HEY YOU GGGOOOUUUYYYSSS!" *ahem* aye so... Adobe ImageReady perhaps? not sure it'll go lower than rainbowprincess' 3kb though...
  15. I saw him on the number 18 or 19 the other week looking uber smart n intellectual!
  16. oh dear, that strangely made me LOL out loud... the shame!
  17. sadly that image will be with me for the rest of my night/week.
  18. he enjoyed it nonetheless!
  19. no teachers from smelly mintlaw academy!
  20. that is the most dire thing i've read all day.
  21. each case is different- i know of someone who does get piercings as a form of self-harm, it doesn't have to take any one form. i also know of someone who cuts themselves as morlun said, as a form of release- it was described to me as feeling the pain took their mind off other things for a split second. as for 'attention seekers'- the fact that they feel they need to cut themselves just to get someone to take notice, does that not suggest there must be something seriously wrong in the first place? and i'm not talking about the stereotypes here.
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