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  1. when i was little: teenage mutant ninja turtles thundercats care bears nowadays: arthur the simpsons
  2. i was recently told by someone that the first time he met me, he noticed i had squint eyes
  3. so would an EP be a sort of demo? ?(
  4. evanescence - ok, so i'm a huge fan of their demo stuff - a bad case of a band 'selling out'. white stripes - i get bored listening to them. the darkness - a novelty just now, people will get fed up of them eventually. longview/starsailor - for the same reason as the white stripes. rancid - just not my cup of tea.
  5. it was an interesting sight to say the least...
  6. teeheehee, oh the mental images!
  7. apparently i'm making my debut at moshulu this friday since i'm 18 tomorrow...bit worried...not sure what's been planned for me...woombler, what's this i hear about you saying i'll end up on the poles? lol
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