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  1. Does this not run the risk of people posting purely for the sake of having a huge post count, like how it was years and years ago with the wasteland and all that jazz?
  2. I'm all for people having their own opinions, but yours is just wrong. Mogwai are ace.
  3. Cheers for that man, good site!
  4. In the absence of jamming partners, who else just gets a hold of backing tracks and thrashes away like that? If so, anyone got anything good they can share?
  5. Well, no. Everyone I know to have done this course (around 8 or 9 people) had it happen to them so I have no reason to disbelieve it.
  6. I was under the impression that mechanical engineering = job straight away. I'm about to start the HNC/HND at college in a couple of weeks and we were told everyone who finishes the course gets a course related job at the end of it, with good pay at that. Like, we wouldn't even have to send out CVs, the companies just come in and start picking people out.
  7. My mate got told he looked like Chris Evans in exodus once. Gutted.
  8. I'm just back from seeing this with the better half, I thought it was bloody good! Not quite the best film I've ever seen, but certainly one of the best ones I've seen recently.
  9. feeble!

    Drummer wanted

    Timing shmiming! Damn drummers, did no-one ever tell you? That when you're not playing the damn things, you should be seen and not heard!
  10. If these are still around I'd be interested in buying them.
  11. Hmmm, well compared with what most other people on the board are packing my stuff is pretty basic/shit, but I'll post some pics up tomorrow anyway. My epi les paul has a cool finish.
  12. What about stuff like the godfather theme that slash plays? That's technically I guess a big guitar solo, but it sounds damn good. Or what about classical pieces transposed onto guitar, such as pachabel's canon, or that paganini 5th caprice thing at the end of crossroads? Are they classed under "look at me I'm better than him" or could it be that someone thought it might sound, like - I don't know, nice maybe?
  13. Malmsteen. He's a knob. He can play guitar like a motherfucker, but he is a total knob.
  14. Guitar solos are awesome! I mean, come on - paradise city wouldn't be the absolute epic that it is without that flashy and reasonably lengthy solo at the end, y'know? Guitar solos are cool, and they always will be! (well, for me at least...)
  15. You can have your instruments chipped and added to a register I think. You report your instrument as stolen and it can be scanned like a pet to give out information such as who the owner is etc etc. I remember reading about it in guitarist a few years ago so not sure if the scheme ever really took off but it seems like a sensible idea.
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