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  1. ok Ronz, i'll give that a miss. i can get a brand new marshall 1x15 fae r and b for 200. thanks for the quick reply though and im lovin Fat Kiss :-)
  2. How much you looking for 1x15 Marshall bass cab?
  3. For sale is my as new NL410 from EA, possibly the punchiest, loudest and lightest 410 on the market. At a mere 56 lbs the NL 410 provides the perfect blend of punch and portability. Frequency Response:45Hz to 16KHz Power Output:1000 watts Size:24.5"H x 22.0"W x 15.0"D Weight:56 lbs Configuration:4 x 10" Woofer:4 Custom Neodymium Kevlar 10" with a all new 1"Titanium Compression Driver. Tweeter Level Control is located on rear connection panel Impedance:8 ohms Connection Type:Two SPEAKON Jacks Handle:One integrated custom cup handle on each side. I'm looking for something smaller. These are £1200 new,if you can find one. I'm looking for £600.
  4. Price drop Ricky down to 900 Bass cab down to 750 or part exchange for smaller bass cab
  5. Thanks Chris. you're right it is a great price. Bass still for sale yes. A few marks on the back and a wee almost invisible ding on the top edge, tried to photo it but it dont show up. if you interested, you should come and see it before purchasing. Sorry, not willing to haggle as its a bargain as it is. Cab still for sale also, willing to take offers and/or part exchange for that though.(its too big for my car) cheers Davie. PM me any questions or contact me on dghay96@tiscali.co.uk ( i'm not on this site very much)
  6. This 4x10 is the dogs ba's! And in as new condition.She features 4 Neo cast woofers, an adjustible tweeter, and handles 1000watts. This 410 is an M-Line speaker enclosure and is vented on both sides. She also comes with wheels and a removable "lugguage" style handle plus real useable handles. Made in the USA. Cost new (if you can find one in the uk) is 1100. I'm looking for 850. interested in a part ex for a good quality 2x10 or a 2x12. PM me any questions. And 1996 Rickenbacker 4003 jetglo with chrome scratch plate, i think i still have the original white scratch plate and an after-market black one as well. It's in good condition, a few wee dings but nothing serious. 1000.
  7. Fuck sake! naebody willing to spend some cash on a great bass? Still for sale. Time wasters:swearing:.....get tae fuck! serious buyers only. 850 cash is the bargain price, no less. and no you dont get a rickenbacker hardcase with it for that price so dont ask please. PM me any interest.
  8. I totally agree with you, playing bass in an ac/dc tribute band is piss easy. i just took offence at being called a trained monkey/ape by someone i dont know and the 'suggestion' that older players have no originality. Mr Runcie appoligised, so all is well in the world again8-)
  9. I was going to stay out of this but Are you calling me a trained monkey? i play bass in ab/dc and original bands.cause its all good fun! I'm an older guy but I've much respect for most of the promoters in aberdeen and love new music, until now i liked the marionettes. I've not learned bass over 20 odd years to be called a fuckin trained monkey by a fucker i dont even know.
  10. Cab still for sale. PM me is interested.
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