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  1. Ah, that explains the states you get in every weekend...drinking everything as fast as possible before it gets warm! Gig was awesome, really enjoyed Dross! Got some good bruises from Ablach. Didn't get stopped by cops with drink in had whilst walking to pub. All round success.
  2. I completely agree with all of this. It always seemed to be one or the other - originally bassment was the priority and the club suffered, then vice versa. Bassment has been going downhill for a while and - no offence to those working there - I think without the 'oldschool' staff constantly pushing it, it lost a lot of it's atmosphere. There are many other reasons for this, but I can't be assed going into a rant (they never serve me well on abmus...) Though as you said, after changing hands it was never the same. I had a lot of fun working there, and although its been a while I will always have awesome memories. Donkey drop anyone?
  3. That's because no one could see you perched upon your tiny stool.
  4. I am calling you Vishnu from now on. Hahahaha. Maybe even 'Prince Vishnu'.
  5. He then proceeded to get in a wee sulk because I refused to look and told him to put it away. Shunned. Though I think he might have also been sulking due to discovering his shoulders are bigger then mine.
  6. Any excuse eh bags? And Bazz, please don't encourage him to get his balls out any more than he already does!!! Especially when there is a stage and a risk of ass cheek spreading. Again.
  7. This had me in stitches! I have it all on video...I need to put them up so you can witness the miracles over and over again.
  8. Karen Petrie says: No chris I don't have curly hair and I never wore a belly top.... HA! Charming. Really.
  9. That was the reasoning behind the first post, I don't think the original comment (the one I quoted) was necessary - that is all Nah, just a boring day And I haven't wound Chris up in a while Now whose being mature....
  10. I'd be more offended if you could say that to my face - maybe one day you'll get the balls to get out from behind your moniter to argue with folk, eh?
  11. Only just found out about this last night - a few of us are going down, last minute gigs rock! Come on Bri....you know you want to..... x
  12. i thought the band were great and of a really high level of musicianship too drummer was outstanding as for the other issues, the sound was great i thought, the problem was the people who talked really loudly through all the quiet bits - why pay 18 a ticket then chatter? layout is also something i wouldnt fault apart form maybe the stage could be higher to improve visibility at sold out gigs - lemon tree pillars were much worse im not against talking at gigs or anything like that, its fine as it is after all a social event just felt a little bit for the band during the quiet build ups when they were changing pace and people seemed to talk over it anyway, moshulu is set for a refurb very soon and these problems and issues dont go un-noticed. Id like it to happen as much as you do x
  13. Tickets are now on sale for the next even on the 4th of May! Get yours from Ticketweb, 1Up or the Bassment! Please note opening time is 9pm as usual, not 7.30pm as stated on the tickets.
  14. Aberdeen's Premier Fetish Night is back on the 4th of May! Tickets are now available from 1Up, The Bassment and Ticketweb! Note opening is 9pm, not 7.30pm as it says on the tickets...stupid Steven Milne.
  15. Maybe next time speak to us in person when your out rather than making a post directed at us on a public forum... We do try our best, but unfortunately it is a nightclub and there are drinks going to be spilled on the floor. We couldn't possibly run around mopping up every time someone spilt/dropped/threw a drink across the room! I do understand sometimes it's worse than other times (try walking across it with arms full of glasses and people dancing at/with you!) and in these circumstances we make an effort to clean it up (regarding we know it is there, of course). The next time it happens and you feel your safety is being compromised just come up to the bar and request it gets cleaned up, or let a doorman know to tell us. If you have any other problems give me a call at the club or come in and speak to me in person, I don't really feel this needs a big thread on the internet! Thankies! x
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