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  1. Hey JWilson any chance you still have the Ipod Touch?
  2. The road out of Aberdeen ain't to bad I was going south of Aberdeen on the A90 which wasn't to bad at all , although the A92 was a complete nightmare for ice which for someone with only a years driving experience is quite scary and the fact i'm a wimp when it comes to driving in ice didn't help. oh and I have found myself quite addicted to looking at this site Traffic Scotland > Live-Eye-Views List View
  3. To be honest being a mum of two and the same age as her, it has scared the hell out of me. I see what you are all saying about the publicity for her own gain or her sons gain is annoying. But I feel that if by all this she makes one person seek medical advice then it's not such a bad thing. She has really brought this condition to the front of a lot of peoples minds making people aware and hopefully meaning they are going to get themselves checked regularly and therefore hopefully saving lives. Jade is a annoying but her reality is scary and not one that I envy she is making money that will help her sons. She is a constant reminder that money can't buy you everything especially not health. Lets hope that she gets through this because I'd rather her be annoying on telly and in the magazines than leaving her young sons without a mummy. But we all know her fate is grim and its a very very sad situation.
  4. Perfect not far from my work!
  5. My little girl is six in July and desperate for singing lessons - I agree with you so in a few months I may contact you. Where are you based?
  6. Just wondering what age range you would teach, would you teach children and if so what age do you think is best for starting?
  7. so far i think a 40 year old female sustained a leg injury and a 25 year old male sustained injuries to his face and hand. Two 17 year old males were injured one with leg and chest injuries and the other with leg and hand injuries. Two 13 year old females sustained leg injuries and a 13 year old male sustained a leg injury. An 11 year old male sustained a leg injury and a second 11 year old male was treated for shock.
  8. I have hear they hit the car and the bike went into the crowd - not confirmed tho.
  9. Batman was on a float!! I know cos i saw him!
  10. I never saw the crash, but I was at the primark side of union street when three kids on a moterbike was racing - up and down, on the pavement and wrong side of the road. Police arived and they started playing chase. and shouting Garthee rules Really scary to see. So many people around and so many kids they really had no fear. 1 had a helmet on the 2 really young looking boys on the back didn't.
  11. I agree, there was something on the telly the other day looked good. as well as the farm there was other things to do, karting and more interaction with the animals. I think with a little attention they could have something amazing.
  12. Save the Farm - it is a pitty we might loose it, I love the place. I also think with a little attention the place could be great
  13. I'm really glad you are doing this show and can't wait to hear it on listen again. Mark would totally approve, see you soon Bill xx
  14. wonder what her side of the story is, bet it's completly different to this one. Hard to hear that someone think someone is an unfit parent but wouldn't go to the social services. If a child is at risk then the natural thing to do is get something done about it, but i'm thinking things are not that bad which is why things are only being said about her, suppose the only person to really know is the kid. this sounds a really sad situation kiddy not seing it daddy and mum being slated about her parenting. But both side thinking about money.
  15. The same artist, without a tablet (or even a PC!)...just some chips and ketchup.
  16. I have been doing my lessons with first drive, they are pretty good, I felt their customer service very good and it is 23 quid an hour and he lets you decide how long you want your lessons to be, he really pushes you to do well, while being very patient.
  17. Playing bowling with my 6 year old and an 8 year old yesterday, can't remember the score but the eight your old got 7 strikes in a row, grrr I hate being beatin by kids!!
  18. hehe sorry wasn't mean't for this!
  19. This reminds me of the house on Gladstone place in Woodside same idea, I can hear it, my friend can't but my kids hate it more then anything!
  20. Delly

    Sandi Thom

    Hehe, my 2 and half year old daughter sings it like that - funny and cute
  21. GRRR just bought a DS for my kid now they bring out a new one, ah well I know what I will be asking for my birthday
  22. I was there too, coins at the face hurt , the ones in the eye hurt most! was great fun tho would definetly do it again.
  23. hmm i'm still sure this thing being blown up was Thursday so having only monday off - does that mean you were taking time off for a silly chimney in tilly?
  24. emmm wasn't the demolition only done yesterday!! I knew few people who were there even had cameras and filiming equipment because they volunteerin a local media unit
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