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  1. The boa at the top is called Nyx, the gecko is Brian, the gray one is Mars and the bottom one is Persephone. I have another 6 of various colours but I thought that would be a bit much . .All the snakes have themed names: mythical characters (yes, I am sad ). Also, its "she" by the way .
  2. I don't have any cute fluffies but here are some of my babies anyway:
  3. Back quite a few years ago (20+ish) my dad was in a bad car accident and was hospitalised because of it. He was sharing a room with two people...one of them had thrown himself of Union Bridge and had survived, the other had been a spectator and was run over by a bus while running across the road to stop him . Sorry :O...the irony of that makes me lol. I bet any conversations in that room were delightfully akward .
  4. I was scared by the fact that she looks like mini Emma Watson...
  5. Money isn't actually very important to me but for some reason just being dared to do something makes me do horrible things...like if someone says "I dare you..." and they clearly really don't expect you to do it its fun just for the shock factor . Does that make me cheap?
  6. Hmm, I think you misread what I meant. I feel deeply sorry for all of the victims...for the pain they must have suffered already and for what some of them are going to have to go through to recover (both physically and mentally...I imagine an event like that will stick in your mind for a long time after ). None of them deserved any of that. My comment was directed at the statement that the t**ts on the motorbike "got what they deserved" because they were apparently in a coma and had a fractured spine respectively. I was trying to say that all the news reports were reporting the "worst" injury was a broken leg...I'm not saying thats not a serious injury but its not quite the same as a coma and a fractured spine so I don't see where that person is getting their information?
  7. Are the people from the bike included in the "9 victims" or are the additional because there is no indication from the news report that anyone was suffering from more than cuts or the odd broken leg.
  8. No...the parade has just been completely cancelled because of the "major incident".
  9. I just came out of Cinnamon on Union Street half an hour ago after having my dinner to find Union Street closed off with at least 10 ambulances and a heap of police cars and a large group of people sitting/lying on the pavement with the police men. Does anyone know what happened? All the news are saying right now is that its a "major incident".
  10. Do any venues in Aberdeen do goth or rock themed club nights? And do any of them have websites ?
  11. She may be a dog but she has a nice figure . I do think she's a bit of an idiot for going around like that but I think what the bus driver had to say about it was unacceptable.
  12. Does anyone else use this :roll: ? If so what verson do you use and whats your high score? *sigh :O* I feel sad for asking.
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