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  1. jackson

    Emergency dentists

    I had a similar scenario, I had an abscess and the tooth/jaw/ear ache was too much to bare so I ended up getting a root canal on a sunday thanks to Kevin Saunders on crown street. he is a legend and has a moustache
  2. I'll be there Should be awesome, leaving for Glasgow first thing Saturday morning will not be so.
  3. jackson

    Look a likes

    Beluga Whale Lassana Diarra
  4. jackson

    On being wasted

    To be honest that does not actually sound that funny. In hospital talking to people, fuck me my sides are splitting. Also getting so pissed you end up in hospital cannot be considered a "phenomenon".
  5. jackson

    Royal Rumble

    I haven't watched wrestling since i was about 15, I am now 21. Can someone please explain to me how "Edge" is the main man? He used to be fucking terrible
  6. jackson

    Teeth, The Movie

    I'm sure like me you all have been waiting for a movie centering around a women with a vagina that eats people? Wait no longer
  7. jackson

    Nic Cage nominated for Oscar!!!!!

    No Country for Old Men is superb. Juno is kind of cute and charming and will be appeal to avid listeners of BBC 6Music (Calum) but saying that I still did enjoy it. Johnny Depp is phenomenal in Sweeney Todd, I know thats not up for best film but his performance is fucking amazing. Once again reinforcing my opinion that he is the best actor of his generation by a great distance. I posted a serious response. Good.
  8. jackson

    Heath Ledger Found Dead

    They had finished filming the new batman movie right? I've been waiting too long for Ledger to fuck it up!
  9. jackson

    does anyone else think reading books is shit?

    Am I Bovered? LOL !!!!
  10. jackson

    does anyone else think reading books is shit?

    What about eating a shit whilst having a shit and being shat on? Thats pretty shitty.
  11. jackson

    Best console of all time....................

    SNES for me Mario Kart Super Mario World Street Fighter 2 Turbo! Oh yes Castlevania Donkey Kong! Star Wars Bomberman! Zelda Super Metroid! International Superstar Soccer...Deluxe The happiest day of my life was when Santa delivered my SNES
  12. jackson

    does anyone else think reading books is shit?

    Did you even read my posts? I clearly said I'm not just referring to this thread and gave a few examples of how a lot of people on here are pretentious assholes. I give up. Now I've taken this thread seriously and it was a wind up in the first place. What have I become?
  13. jackson

    Superbowl XLII

    I'll be watching! I felt a bit sorry for Brett Favre, the man is a bit of a legend but a Scottish guy kicking the winning field goal was amazing! I can't see past the Pats i'm afraid, i really don't want them to win but they will. Brady for MVP again. Pats by 10
  14. jackson

    does anyone else think reading books is shit?

    Seriously? I seriously don't think I took it seriously. I was not just referring to this thread, more this whole forum in general which recently appears to be disappearing up its own arse. I'm being super cereal (lazy south park reference).