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  1. If you have all your music in one main directory you would just browse to it in media monkey and press CTRL+R to bring up the auto-organise menu... Click configure in the menu that pops up and then i think the settings you are looking for is this: This will remove the artist folder and move everything up a level. Be careful though as there is no "undo" function if it goes wrong... Here is some documentation from there site that may be useful: Media Monkey - Organizing Files and Folders Media Monkey - Configuring Directory and Filename Formats
  2. The free version MediaMonkey will be able to do what you are looking for... www.mediamonkey.com
  3. "It's not Emo... Its not Goth... It's well something more animal that that!"
  4. Ah OK... I'm at the Dyce BP office and I didn't get an email :S I guess BP doesn't care about contractors.
  5. Hiya, Not sure if this is any use... Integral 1GB Compact Flash Card - 5.60 + 2.00 shipping
  6. I have tried both Space Hulk and Final Liberation both are pretty good to kill some time with. Final liberation is prone to crashing alot though, which takes some of the fun out of the game.
  7. I just watched the videos on the site.... It looks like and ace game!
  8. Here are the Aberdeen MP's expenses claims : Frank Doran - Aberdeen North Anne Begg - Aberdeen South
  9. Hiya, I had this problem once and it turned out that my psu wasn't powerful enough for the rig. Don't suppose you know what size psu is in it?
  10. Windows 7 - Info Windows 7 - Download I have had it on a virtual machine now for a few days and it seems to be working well... Just starting to think about putting it on one of my machines and seeing what its like for day-to-day use... Anyone got any comments/rants on it?
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