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  1. i really want a crunchie now........... can't remember the last time i had one of those!!! its friday we shall rejoice
  2. Ian


    Thought ad give this a bump as the other guys thread went a bit..... "ski-wiff" (now thats a word!!!)
  3. yeah man i think what you've said is the general consensus.......... it just seems a shame really.
  4. yeah as i said, but if you are a serious band and believe in your music, you'll want not only to sound professional but come accross as a professional act with the relevant promo material that goes along with it............ you don't see.............. er, the rolling stones handing out shitty little flyers in the street, altho they have the money to spend on big expensive marketing "PLOYS" the little things make the differance in smaller bands aswell. The likes of the little kicks, a band who appear to be doing well for themselves, have promo material that looks professional, but i bet they don't go to an expensive design studio to get the work done.
  5. Have you been a freelancer long? if not i suggest u don't just stick to bands, try the obvious ones like clubs, pubs, restaurants etc. get your name on some freelance forums, and put your cv into any and all local design/media/IT companys advertising your services but try and leave an impression and give a follow up call. seriously theres loads and alot of them often look for freelancers when work loads get a bit heavy. Freelancing can be very financially rewarding if you can be assed to go out and chase the work, although experience is a must! although if you've been a freelancer for a while.......... i probably just sounded patronising as fuck.... sorry! i plan on going full time freelance once i get a few more years experiance and give up my dream of being a big posing rock star :L anyway good luck.
  6. Yeah i gave this a go a few months ago with not much interest (i have been a qualified graphic designer with working experiance for 2 years) which is a shame really, no one really seems that interested evan tho i personally think it shows a degree of professionalism in a band ( outwith the music ) the problem is that more and more people study graphic design or some creative craft, and with music being a creative industry ( even for the smallest bands ) they can all get a friend of a friend etc. to create some cool logo, illustartion, website etc for next to nothing........ for a serious freelance graphic designer it seems very hard to offer a better rate then the bands can get through their own contacts. i now basically just do freelance work for bands etc. when asked, so i can just get a bit extra beer money and stick to my day job for the .. erm. cough!! "real money" Just my thoughts Ta
  7. Ian


    great, thanks for feedback, anyone got asny ideas on good books etc.. ill give the computer music ago, computer arts always tends to be really helpful for me so all stick with a tried and trusted publisher its more picking up on the teory of it all aswell and understanding technical terms and differnaces between using mic a to mic b and input, output levels also. seems alot to learn without getting my ass to college and studying it but ill give it ago. cheers for all help
  8. Ian


    Hello i don't really know too much about soundcards or home recording, but i am looking to buy one at a reasonable price, so if anyone has a spare one to sell give me a pm alternativly if anyone can recommenda descent soundcard or advice on what to look for / avoid in soundcards, it wid be affa much appreciated. and one final thing can anyone recommend some good books etc for getting into home recording, or creating electronic music via synths sampling and sequencing as i have no idea where to start with this especially when it comes to playing live but find it really interesting. Great ta
  9. Shamefull,........... i know, but we are still looking.
  10. New melodic, indie, scuzzy, pop, punk band in aberdeen need a new drummer urgently !!!pretty much what it says on the tin. We are all around 20ish of age, don't care if your a boy or girl preferably 18 or above, singin capabilities are an advantage but by no means a must. influences = Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Clash, The Doors, The Who, Velvet Underground, The Cure, The Ramones, Social Distortion, Rancid, Nirvana, Idlewild, Oasis, The Libertines, Blur + Graham Coxon, The Grim Northern Social, Biffy Clyro, Louie Armstrong, Ottis Reading..................... to name a few Pm me if interested or email: hellsdiscoband@btinternet.com we are also still lookin for a keys / synth techy type person if anyones interested Cheers
  11. thats the one, i noticed scenes in the trailor that look like that, chuck the guy on a blue screen and put in some dodgy fire or something
  12. anyone remember the game show that used to be on after school about 10 years ago or so, when the person has to put on a viking like helmut and their teams mates have to guide him through this virtual world with goblins and creatures ............................. it sort of reminds me on that.
  13. thats shot like a cheap soft porn.
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