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    Jamie Langfield?

    His kicking is dubious, though. I was raging at him for not passing to Considine or Diamond in order to aid the retention of the ball. Smashing it miles into the gloves of Kernozenko didn't do us any favours. Hang on, that's a superb band name: "The Gloves of Kernozenko"
  2. Well, firstly I believe it should be the MP that is abolished, not the MSP, since the MSP represents the Scottish Parliament. But if you designate Westminster as the English Parliament (I have no problem with that), then de facto Westminster should not and cannot have any control over Scottish affairs, in their entirety, even if that encompasses things like defence. I also have no problem with having a UK-wide council or something, if there is a serious issue that is likely to be a British-Isle-wide affair, but this would need to be comprised of representatives of 4 completely independent parliaments.
  3. Maybe, but I doubt if the majority of consituents are as well-informed as you. I reinforce that it is completely unnecessary: taxpayers' money pays for this bureaucracy. There's also the issue that the MP and the MSP, if affiliated to different parties, would likely give different responses on issues that overlap, like you say transport and road-safety, for example.
  4. The SNP could introduce the referendum on independence as a Member's Bill, which would be a way around the coalition stalemate. I've read this thread, and it appears I'm the only one who voted for the SNP on a matter of complete self-government principle. Foremost in my mind is the pointlessness confusion caused by having two parliaments and two sets of representatives. For example, in Cunninghame North (it just springs to mind), the MP is Labour and the MSP now SNP. Who do constituents go to in times of need? Which one has authority over the other? Clearly, anyone with any spine would give precedence to a Scottish Parliament that has full authority over its own affairs over one that isn't even based in the same country. REGARDLESS of those affairs are conducted in the future. One thing that made me laugh was an editorial in The Daily Record that waffled on about showing solidarity with our "Welsh, English and Northern Irish brothers"... I'm sorry, but I feel no personal kinship with those nationalities.
  5. "Seven" actors Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey team up to cover the albums "Madonna" and "Source Codes & Tags": ...And You Will Know Us By the Mail of Head.
  6. Interpol return with new album BBC-6 today had an exclusive with Interpol's founding member Dan Kessler who revealed in an interview with Steve Lamaq that the band's long awaited follow up to 2004's 'Antics' will finally be released in June. Recording was completed in New York last month and Kessler is currently in London mixing the final tracks. Since their sublime 2002 debut album 'Turn On The Bright Lights' (which was mixed by Gareth Jones of Depeche/Erasure fame), there has been a tendency in the UK to label Interpol as 'Joy Division/New Wave' clones and despite heaps of critical acclaim, the band have been somewhat overlooked here in the UK in terms of actual record sales though they have a worldwide following that is almost as fanatical as Depeche Mode. From E L E C T R O N I C A L L Y Y O U R S I'd forgotten they existed, actually.
  7. Are these wristbands likely to be in circulation when I head into Fopp tomorrow morning?
  8. He scored 0 goals in 4 games for Spain, too.
  9. Yeah, I would get rude with her, we share a love for stripes and she does have an endearing belly. I had a lot of fun, which I don't often say about gigs. The CSS set nose-dived when the mustachioed drummer (Armando...is it?) jumped ship to play bass, though. The opening few tracks, like the album, were storming. My highlight would have to be Lovefoxxx's Triple H impersonation... PS Dave, I'm disappointed you didn't have the courage to text me back and concede your knowledge of Middle Age Scottish history to be schoolboy (if that!)
  10. While we're on this, can I have my extra picture (from the time when I was a supporter) removed? I don't want to be burdened with Paul Banks for the rest of my aberdeen-music life. Cheers.
  11. It's almost unlistenable, but by the time you get to the 1982 stage, there's light at the end of the tunnel. What album would you say is their most accesible?
  12. Does Yousef have a second Regatta waterproof in reserve, in case his main one fails on stage?
  13. I've always thought the food is not bad in the Bassment, apart from when I went once and they couldn't make chili, which in turn had a negative knock-on effect on practically the whole menu.
  14. Wire - On Returning: 1977-1979 Cabaret Voltaire - The Original Sound of Sheffield: '78-'82
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