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  1. don't forget, The Twilight Sad will be playing instore at Fopp, around 5pm on Wednesday 20th June. I've heard a rumour that Hugh will be doing their sound completely naked from the waist down. o_O
  2. Good een! Any chance (no pun intended) of getting Lydia Lunch or Glenn Branca as well so we can have a mini festival to celebrate 30 years of No Wave?
  3. Dexter Jones' Circus Orchestra ('Sweden's best kept rock secret!') will be playing an exclusive acoustic instore at Fopp on Tuesday 29th May. Music starts at 5pm. Hair! Riffs! etc.. check their myspace... www.myspace.com/dexterjonescircusorchestra
  4. this gig is today, come along for some free music and shelter from the rain
  5. Playing instore at Fopp on Thursday 24th May... Elvis Perkins (support act for Willie Mason, and son of the legendary Psycho actor Anthony Perkins!) The show starts at 5pm, see you there
  6. so quiet it kame @ fopp, saturday 31st march... lorenzo snow collective welfare mothers music starts at 2pm, so quiet it kame compilations will be available to buy instore... see you there
  7. Playing live for you in Fopp this Saturday.... So Quiet It Kame presents: Khar Leong & Felix Darcy The fun begins at 2pm, bring a friend (or 6). See you there
  8. This Saturday we will be featuring 2 more bands from the So Quiet It Kame collective.... Lazy Sheepdog Sarah J Tingle music starts at 2pm, see you there
  9. March is 'So Quiet It Kame' month in Fopp Playing instore.... Saturday 10th March: Fiona Keenan + Delawair Saturday 17th March: Lazy Sheepdog + Sarah J Tingle Saturday 24th March: Khar Leong + Felix Darcy Saturday 31st March: Welfare Mothers + Lorenzo Snow Collective Music starts at 2pm.
  10. Fopp will be hosting a series of acoustic gigs featuring artists from the Aberdeen music collective, So Quiet It Kame. The first instore will be on Saturday 10th March at 2pm, and features Fiona Keenan and Delawair. The collective's compilation album will also be available buy, as well as e.p's and albums from the individual artists...see you there
  11. wristbands are now available, so come into fopp and pick em up whenever your little hearts desire.... Malcolm will be playing at 1pm, and the new album is ace.
  12. Wrist bands are now available from Fopp for Malcolm Middleton's instore appearance, Monday 26th February. There is a limited capacity for this event, and admission will be given to wristband holders only....
  13. yip, mr watts, you're right... Malcolm Middleton 26th FEBRUARY in Fopp
  14. oh no. it's a good news/bad news affair... BAD NEWS... Men Women and Children have cancelled their tour:down: GOOD NEWS... Malcom Middleton has just been confirmed for an instore appearance on 26th March!!!! capacity will be limited for this one, and we'll be giving out wristbands as soon as we get them. we'll keep you posted...
  15. Instore gigs at Fopp.... Saturday 17th February: The Little Kicks (acoustic) 2pm Monday 19th February: Men Women and Children (time tba) Saturday 24th February: Right Hand Left (acoustic) 2pm Thursday 1st March: Grim Northern Social (5pm) free entry to gigs
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