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  1. big man says, your mingin. Gowan take yer face for a shite.
  2. i see... fair doos then. i do like a wee drink tho.
  3. I can't really see an alcholholic burgling your house or jabbing you with a needle to get your new trainers. More likely to sing songs at you. But I'm sure it does have a severity of consequences as you mentioned.
  4. Was it parked on double yellows?.. contest it: http://www.thisisaberdeen.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=148760&command=displayContent&sourceNode=148586&contentPK=14160639&folderPk=85349 As htey didn't have permission - classic aberdeen council.
  5. roll on march 26th... could you argue that smoking is the wosrt drug as it is legalised and probably leads to use of harder drugs?..
  6. If you take away the drugs, would people with no motivation still turn to crime, them with motivation like 'normal' people get on with thier lives and do the 9 to 5 thing. I think crime and drugs go hand in hand and not drugs and crime. if you see what i mean. Crime leads to drugs , drugs does not necessarily lead to crime.
  7. back on topic though, i think more funding should be given at the root to avoid the end product discussed in detail here. Eliminate the root as opposed to dealing with the effects. How on earth junkies can be deemed fit parents is unbelieveble. Maybe at that young an age foster homes may be ideal for a period.
  8. People will turn into criminals no matter how they are brought up does not mean you can spot them at birth. Coming to that conclusion is purely for arguments sake. I meant forced rehab while being locked up, not charity adided rehab wasting peoples time if you are just going to go out and re-offend. NO matter how much help some people get they will reject it and continue a life of crime as it is easier than working for a living. there is no hope for some addicts i firmly belive some should just be forgotten about and dealt with by extreme measures i never said all - like i said before not shunning ALL addicts. As long as thjey only effect their own lives good luck to them. you are becoming repetitive now and seem to try and turn the argument round to whichever point of view you can say is your own. You bore me with you sanctimonious drivel. enjoy your fluffy reality. I only hope you are never confronted by a re-offending junkie who takes away your human rights looking for his next fix. your opinion would change then. as it has many posters on this forum. slater.
  9. i did think that as soon as i said it as I rememebr hearing news stories to that effect,,,
  10. Avoided like you avoided my other questions so i asked again, so i will respond. You seem to have a great knowledge of the drugs.crime scene. Can you expand on the crimes committed? Petty - serious. My point all aong has been that if someone commits a crime they don't deserve rehab, I just don't see the point - they should be locked up and forced to rehab in jail as an additional burden.
  11. What kind of a ridiculous statement is that, you know exactly what i meant after i backed it up with "no matter how thy are brought up". contribute a valid argument or go back to your padded room.
  12. I agreed with his point on personality. just exactly what are you trying to point out? For the most part you just seem to pick up on things people say and try to pick holes in it. You want to give help to everyone and make the world all fluffy and nice. Newsflash - it's never going to be like that. there will still be people who commit crimes and blame it on the drugs addiction they have. Some people are beyond help - you dont seem to agree.
  13. Well done for kicking the habit!. Glad it didn't lead you into crime.
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