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Guest idol_wild
There seemed to be a sudden surge in broon eyes among certain users. It's like there was a big circle jerk going on to give broon eyes. Or silver eyes as is now the case. Is the next stage golden? Tina Turner theme tune.

Aye, a golden shower that is. First to gold gets pissed on. I hope it's Soda Jerk because his main rival, Teabags, would like that too much.

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I couldn't tie my shoelaces until I was like, 8 and couldn't really ride a bike until I was 11.

Same, oddly enough. We've never discussed this. Come round tomorrow with Nice biscuits and we'll get this sorted.

Confession: it took me about 4 times to spell biscuits successfully there. It didn't look right. I've written it lots of times (probably?) and it just didn't make sense.


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