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Where Are You Goin on Saturday, 31st


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Lemon Tree for the Dedalus/Politk EP launch.

Dedalus | Politic | The Gloria Flaw | Masamune | Nick HG#1

I think The Gloria Flaw will be selling their EP on the night as well.

The Dedalus tracks on the split EP are some of the best sounding songs I've heard come out of Exile and their sneaky peak set at drakes a couple of weeks ago was fucking ace (for the 5 people that showed up anyway).

There IS time on the night to get along to the lemon tree after the curfew at Kef and it will be money well spent.

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Guest ForbiddenFruitcake

alas, i wish i could go to both the moorings and lemon tree...but i cannot :(

since i've been looking forward to the lemon tree gig for EONS i shall be there...

after a lovely barbeque at the grandparent's house :up:

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i wanna go to this...not sure if i can though..will have to see. what time will it finish at?

Starts 8pm sharp, finishes midnight. If you want to see Onion Terror then you will need to get there by 8pm.

If you arrive half way through then we'll apply our usual policy of charging half price which is errr zero divided by 2. Hmmm think of it as 2 for the price of 1. In fact even if you show up with 10m mates we'll still charge you 0 but perhaps with a small discount for numbers.

We will however not be granting return passes, so if you nip out to Drakes then you'll be charged zero again on your return. I don't think there will be much problem paying with high denomination notes on the door though.

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