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  1. also as another comment whats the opinion on regals current push? i personally can wait to see him back doing some proper full length matches looking like him vs kennedy which could be good with kennedy turning face. Also does anyone have any ideas what the angle is with the end of ECW with tazz and adamle walking off?
  2. yeah i managed to get tickets like surely kahli vs kane at mania was worse..thats from memory so i could be wrong..
  3. pretty sure this wont happen to be honest. being one of the biggest if not the biggest release of the year theres gonna be some strict rules surrounding it.
  4. yeah im gonna watch it as well but right now the only match im really interested in is Matt Hardy vs MVP. Im hopeing they do something with regal now hes King and not just waste it but remembering what they did with King Booker dosent exactly fill me with hope. Getting rid of coach for foley would be a massive improvement but Cole is still terrible Yeah i know what ya mean i guess its just because its called ECW when its not really irritates me. It surely cant be long till they move CM Punk out of ECW and the Money In The Bank could be the way to do it although by doing that they do remove ECW's only big Babyface (kingston will get there in time but just not yet but im really enjoying his matches so far) Also whos all got tickets for Raw in november?
  5. i reckon this could quite easily be one of the best comic book movies thats been made
  6. havent watched all of Lockdown yet as i generally find it hard to watch TNA but the Angle/Joe match was very good probably one of the matches ive enjoyed most in tna (although i do hardly ever watch it). Also i didnt think they could ruin ECW much more but i should have known they would find a way.
  7. im assuming its a timed exclusive and will come out on ps3 eventually
  8. yeah the original rainbow six was horrible it has to be said. im enjoying vegas 2 at the moment although its not quite as good as the first one in my opinion...preferred the casino shoot outs in the first one which there dosent seem to be as much of in the 2nd one. also not a big online gamer but i quite like the idea of building up a character offline and online.
  9. I think it seems to be a fairly accepted fact that he is losing it.
  10. Acey Trixx


    yeah i really enjoyed jericho. looking forward to the 7 episode comeback hopefully it will get the figures to get another full series
  11. yeah i agree the tag belts are a joke. smackdown champions are john morrison(nitro from mnm) and the miz who are both on ecw. agreed on kendrick and london being the only good tag team at the moment. i reckon a kendrick/london hardys angle would be excellent for the tag divison.
  12. yeah i agree that he has totally screwed himself out of the best position hes been in. Id like to think hes gonna be able to work himself back up to a decent standing by proving he can stay clean but something tells me that this was his big chance and its gone and hes out of the world title picture for good although id quite him and matt to team up again and go for the tag titles on either show to be honest.
  13. They are pretty much just gonna have to announce his suspension or just not mention it on the programming and have another qualifying match and add someone else into it.
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