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  1. Have to say that was one of the best gigs I've been too. A true performer
  2. 1 week and no sign of ours
  3. A quick google search reveals her to be quite good looking too. Looking forward to tomorrow!
  4. I still have that shirt, lost a button on it though
  5. Arsehole bouncers at Exodus are back: Bouncers Are Lame - AFC Chat
  6. The last supper DVD is really good so will have to check this out
  7. Come back to Aberdeen. I remember seeing you guys back in 2003 or 2004 and thought you were better than Hells Bells
  8. Mouse


    Bin the bam! And this time last week I was in Pittodrie watching the worst game of football I've ever witnessed in 23 years of being alive. An absolute shambles. He should of been sacked 6 days ago
  9. I hated the bus. We drove down last year and out of train/plane/bus/car we found it was the best
  10. Mouse


    Come join the protest at the ICT game: Protest Poll - Jmg - AFC Chat
  11. Mouse


    I'm 23 tomorrow...bollocks...
  12. I probably don't like it as much now because I never had it out my CD player for ages. I don't doubt how influential it is, I prefer the compositions on Ride the Lightning, the raw thrash of Kill 'Em All and the technicality of ...And Justice For All. Actually compared to the Black album, MOP is underrated The Black album was a total snore fest with a few exceptions. If I'm being honest, I used to slag the shit out of Load when I was a spotty teenager with limited music taste. I stuck it on recently and found it to be quite enjoyable
  13. It's ok, my mate had a spare
  14. Master of Puppets is overrated, it's my least favourite of the first four! I do remember sticking it on and Ride the Lightning for the first time. May be a cliche, but I was blown away. I just loved it. Death Magnetic for me is a return to form. And Metallica at Download 2006 is the second best act I've seen live ever (best was Kiss at Download last year, but I think they are always going to be hard to beat)
  15. Fucking yes, I'm definately gonna buy a ticket now!
  16. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone has a spare Metallica ticket and wants to do the good thing and sell it at face value + booking fees (and not a total rip off merchant) then it would be greatly appreciated. Pm me edit: this is for Glasgow
  17. I hope they headline Download, need some different bands for a change
  18. Didn't even know it was her. Not too keen on it. I love the original obviously, great song from a very underrated band
  19. It was a total joke, why on earth does he fear Falkirk. Aberdeen should be pissing all over them
  20. Just turn on Northsound/Radio 1 for proof
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