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  1. God you guys as well? The end of an era in Aberdeen music
  2. I know i haven't been on here in aaggeess and unfortunately haven't been to any Black Atom gigs in a few years either but I remember when it was like a religious thing, every gig that you guys played I had to be at. The Breed 77 gig was amazing as I was getting really into them at the time. And the fantastic welcome that you guys received in good ol' Portlethen, what a shame! your music has influenced so many people in Aberdeen, you wont be soon forgotten. You guys have done really well for yourselves and I dont think i'll be able to make the gig tonight but good luck and all the best to all you guys in the future xxx
  3. Well done you guys! I was gutted i didn't go but i had very little money indeed. I'll hopefully be at the next gig (whenever that may be) provided it isn't as packed with little people as Drummonds was, that was insane! Good gig though xx
  4. My mummy got a rose and was in the paper
  5. So you should Ross, it was an excellent gig apart from the amount of people there meant a severe lack of breathing space! And if anyone found a long sleeved plain black top please let me knw (yeah, coz 99.9% of the crowd weren't probably wearing one )
  6. I might be able to persuade a band to do that. They haven't gigged much and its been outwith Aberdeen but i think this could be a good oppurtunity for them. I'll ask and get back to you
  7. I'll be there. The Damn Few are also playing, a band from the good ol' village of Portlethen
  8. I only found out the other day what it actually is when i was reading though an instruction manual for a Wi-Fi camera at work. I would never have guessed
  9. awwwwwwww aren't they cute! The kittens are pretty mental though 8o
  10. on market street, beside the indoor market, where dunkin donuts used to be
  11. Touche! Although subway are pretty damn fine, Earl's stuff stays together slightly better hahaha Although i was a Jewsters girl back in the day
  12. Cats are awesome The first image didn't make me say awww but i smile every time i look at it hehe
  13. Haha, having fun with the D200 then? The photos are really good!
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