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  1. I couldn't agree more and how rude... promote your gigs in your own threads Stuart Maxwell.
  2. Its just that you guys are so cinvinced of your own superiority and so far up your own backsides it hurts. You are utter snobs.
  3. Wow you put bands on you are so great. Well done chaps! You truely are an example to the rest of civilisation.
  4. Scenester1

    Dont bullshit, tell me the truth

    Thats asking for trouble there... that intro is good bait for people on this site to shoot you down which I'm sure they'll enjoy doing very much. I never seen your gig though.
  5. Scenester1

    Best place you've ever had sex?

    Storybook Glen
  6. Scenester1

    who remembers...?

    Its my birthday soon. If anybody would like to buy me some of these then PM me please.
  7. Scenester1

    Bank charges

    Money Money Money Money! Yeah! Thats my intelligent contribution.
  8. Scenester1

    Genevieve signed??

    It must be their own label I'm pretty certain.
  9. Scenester1

    Dedalus mentioned on radio6

    Surely not dear boy...
  10. Scenester1

    :( aka colon open bracket

    They are the sort of band that appeal to 15 year olds.
  11. Someone is asking me. I'd like to know so I can figure out if its worth going or not?
  12. Scenester1


    This whole website is full of cronyism of poor bands being hyped beyond what is reasonable due to the high presence of their mates on here. Its nothing to get upset about it just the way the scene works with certain bands getting the better local gigs due to having a bigger following despite being inferior to some other local bands who don't do quite as well.
  13. Scenester1

    The Aberdeen audiences

    I'm with Tommy Dene on this one.
  14. Scenester1

    Culturedeluxe review of Lunar

    "Since it's valentine's day we're going to play a love song. Here's one we stole off a little bald lady from Ireland" announces singer Neil Glover before the band tear into a breakneck-speed version of 'Nothing Compares 2 U" That is pretty hilarious. Rasputin was asking why I don't like them and I think the above qoute accurately answers that question!