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  1. ahh, JJ, stil doing the quiz in the bobbin on sunday nights son? i once won a childrens keyboard off u for drawing a picture of a panda smoking a spliff, eating a pot noodle. good times.
  2. Need a good laugh, so it's this old chestnut again. What's the funniest joke you've ever heard? Here's mine... what's black and screams? Stevie Wonder answering the iron? give me your best people!
  3. well said Elwood. the man's a disgrace, he just gets on however the fuck he wants, knowing rightly his herds of dopey fans will all pay in the hope of him actually turning up. he's in the news too much, the new babyshambles stuff is all mediocre. if carl barat has any sense he'll never reform the libertines, there would be no point. every time doherty gets arrested/doesn't turn up for a gig doesn't it just feel like groundhog day? and now amy wineo is just a female version of him, consigned to spend the next five years making shite, overrated music, and being heralded as a 'tortured genius' etc despite this. too much money, not enough fucking sense. and thats just the fans.
  4. that reminds me of whenever i went to amsterdam with a mate a few years ago, we had sum mushies and got completely fucked. went back to the hotel room and we were both lying there trying to sleep in this dark room. the door of the wardrobe randomly swung open and this moth came flying out, and my mate - who is about 20 stone and 5'8 - got up, stark bollock naked and completely freaked out, tried to start swatting the moth. he was so disorientated and was flailing around so manically that he put his elbow through the window and started screaming, all the while still trying to catch the moth, every time i even think about this i piss myself laughing, so funny. yeah so anyway, drugs are bad.
  5. my bird tells me that during the night she gets me woken up by me tossing and turning and shouting 'fuck off! you fucking cunt! just fuck off! cunt! CUNT! FUCKING CUNT!' its either sleep tourettes or someone is trying to stab/kill/rape me etc. i dont remember it in the morning though or if she wakes me up so i dont really care.
  6. alex ferguson serge pizzarro from kasabian, looking high and wandering around belfast with his surprisingly average bird mike skinner from the streets the guitarist from hundred reasons stevie crawford george best
  7. it's been two years since i posted here but came back on and this is the first thing i see? genius! here goes: Band: Garden City,Texas Album: Alan Durning 1-Roman Catholic Diocese of Ruyigi 2-John Thayer (ornithologist) 3-2005 Central American and Caribbean Championships in Athletics 4-Fell pony 5-Unification of Germany 6-Princess Marie of Schaumburg-Lippe 7-The Paper Brigade 8-Yeshua 9-I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love 10-Shadow Dawn 11-Sunniside, Weardale 12-Paul Hecht 13-Marian Tompson 14-Citibank Park
  8. Firstly, good choice with Belfast. i'm from there, fucking amazing city. The places to go are: THE LIMELIGHT - Ormeau Avenue - Rock club, in my opinion the best in the UK, quite small, underground feel, Saturday nights are best but most nights it's open, it's decent. Oasis, Strokes, Blur all played here 'before' they were famous. KATY DALY'S - The bar adjoining The Limelight, old school bar, excellant guinness (mais oui), brilliant atmosphere THE CROWN - Great Victoria Street - Oldest Bar in Ireland. If you're visiting, you must stop here for a pint of the black stuff. AUNTIE ANNIE'S - Dublin Road - bar downstairs, club upstairs. Bar is a bit like Katy Daly's, pretty old school, dead friendly good atmosphere. Upstairs the club is a sweatbox like upstairs at O'Neills in Aberdeen, open 7 nights a week, playing all sorts of eclectic treats. FRONT PAGE - another small sweatbox venue, good food, quality music, again 7 nights a week. In terms of tourism, get a black cab tour round Belfast, it'll take you round all the 'sights' (if you can call them that), the murals, Stormont, the Shankhill, Falls, etc. Also check what's on while you're there, the main venues are The Limelight, Spring and Airbrake, Ulster Hall, Queens University Union, Waterfront Hall and the 15,000 capacity Odyssey Arena, which is also host to loads of bars, clubs, bowling alley and a 12 screen Warner Village cinema. I'm not overly sure on Dublin, all I can advise is go to the Temple Bar area. You will have a good night. Period. Mike
  9. The image of a human being fighting a panda is, all at once, absurd, ludicrous, unlikely and ridiculous. Let's stop it right here before this argument descends any further.
  10. That's the stupidest thing I've read on this in a long time.
  11. I went to oxegen, pretty much the Irish t-in the park: I saw: Saturday: The Spinto Band - absolutely fucking amazing, if you haven't heard anything by these lads yet, get on to it, incredible, will be huge Jon Carter - standard house Delays - hohum Hard-Fi - their set was fucked up by wind problems and problems with their kit - plus lead singer got caught miming the melodica at start of 'Cash Machine' - it was a backing tape that played in reverse by mistake - he went mental! Arctic Monkeys - quality, lead singer wasnt a complete bellend either The Strokes - always awesome The Go! Team - not bad Felix Da Housecat - banging Sunday: Wolfmother - ROCKED the motherfucker Maximo Park - brilliant, third time I've seen them and they just get better and better Vitalic - Electro, pretty good The Kooks - pretty boring tbh, too many c**ts there to hear 'Naive' too iForward Russia! - awesome, although set was cut short by 20 mins coz the drummer collapsed i! Bedouin Soundclash - nice bit of pop reggae Chili's - Pretty good, but Kieldis doesnt seem to give a fuck anymore, and didn't play enough old stuff for my liking. Awesome festival, roll on 2007! Mike
  12. "What I hate most about the pickle is the shape...the texture....the colour of it....urghahghaghaa *wails* " So that's basically everything then?
  13. "Cock! Bitch! Cock Bitch Motherfucker!................You have to kill people....to...have respect for people.......Motherfuckin' pig was an Uzi Lover" 'The match between Strathcarnage and Taste of Dunfermline cannot be stopped...Good night' 'Burt Reynolds has escaped into the British countryside on a dodgem'
  14. Who else loves this fucking awesome program? I just bought the series on DVD, and remembered just how amazing it is. Groundbreaking comedy in every single way; it predicts the curse of the docu-soap about 4 years before it actually happened, it satirises the living shit out of everything that's wrong with modern media; even the theme tune, the graphics and the way in which it's presented mirror modern news presentation ten years in advance. It's gotta be the most quotable program ever: "You've lost the news!" "Is this cool?" "Headmaster suspended for using big-faced child as satellite dish" "Child with fist-shaped head destroys central Portsmouth" So many more! Mike
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