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Pranks and stupidity


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Thought it would be a laugh (and potential source of inspiration) to have a thread where people post details of pranks they or someone they know have either pulled or failed at, comical occurrences and generally dumb shit they've done. I've done some majorly dumb shit, so if this thread goes anywhere, you'll all get a laugh.

My first offering: Not mine, so a weak start, but you gotta start somewhere - a couple staff at a pool which shall not be named decided to do something truly diabolical to a complete arse who worked with them. Stealing a bottle of his prized BBQ sauce that he coats every meal in, one guy took it to the toilet, where he filmed himself having a tug into it, mixing it in nicely and putting it back in the staff fridge. Bottle was empty by the end of the week.

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I once heard that a guy at our school, for his girlfriends birthday, baked a beautiful jam cake, with icing, dusted sugar, sprinkles etc.

Made her it, she cut into it later on that day, to find the cake was merely a shell, and inside there was just raw meat.

Heard this ages ago, no idea if there's any element of truth to it but it's a great idea.

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best thing like that i've heard of (supposedly) happened somewhere in rural america

on their last day of school, a group of students stole three pigs from a farm and released them into the school building. on each pig they sprayed an assigned number: "1", "2" or "4".

*waits for Gladstone to reply*

A tremendous end of term prank but I'll let him tell it coz I wasn't involved.

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Guest idol_wild

About six years ago I was playing amateur football in the Aberdeenshire leagues and my club had a cup tie down in Alloa. It was a fairly 'laddish' team I played for, but they were actually okay and could be decent company. Anyway, we played the match, drew 1-1 to force a replay against a considerably superior semi-pro side, and decided that the pub was a good way to wind down after the game. They had a club house with a cheap bar - we took advantage.

So we stayed there for a few before purchasing a carry out and hitting the team bus. On the way back up the road, one of our full-backs was so inebriated that he fell asleep with his mouth sort of open. So our team captain gave his camera to a colleague and whipped out his cock, placed it just on the lower lip of the sleeping teammate, and got a photo taken.

The photo was quite widely distributed.

Never fall asleep on a team bus, folks.

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heard a great one about some school kids:

on the last day of term before summer the pupils watered the carpet of a classroom which, like many crappy 70s school buildings, had 2 full walls of windows.

they spread grass seeds over the carpet and left mother nature to her work.

Eh? Was there soil directly underneath the carpet?
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I had an old flatmate who I used to prank all the time. He took it in good spirits mainly, if it were me I would have punched me. Here are some of my finer moments:

1 - One evening he was doing a big pile of ironing, and he was hanging up his shirts on the door frame behind him as he ironed them. Unbeknowst to him, every time he hung one up, I buttoned the sleeve onto the shirt in front of it. By the time he was finished he had done about 10-15 shirts, he picked up the one in front and started to walk away with it, and I got the effect I was hoping for - life-size paper dollies!

2 - One time when he was out, I stripped the sheets off his bed and covered his mattress in newspaper, then put the sheets back on. He came home pissed that night and fell into bed, then he couldn't get to sleep for the noise of all the newspapers crinkling underneath him.

3 - When he was asleep one night, I dragged all the furniture out of the living room and piled it up outside his bedroom door so when he got up for work in the morning he had to climb over "the mountain", or go out the window.

4 - I went and bought a big bag of potatoes, and when he was at work I stuffed potatoes into the pockets of every jacket and pair of trousers he owned, and I also filled up every single pair of his shoes.

5 - I used to buy loads of food colouring, and I would habitually pour it into his milk, so that when he got up to have his cornflakes in the morning he would pour the milk over them and it would be red, or blue, or green. He also used to make a massive pan of stir fry on a Monday night, which would last him most of the week, and I would pour a puddle of food colouring underneath the spoon and just put the spoon back. So the next time he was heating it up and he stirred it, blue stir fry.

6 - I once swapped his toothpaste for a tube of pile cream.

7 - Created a "man-size spider web" by taping strands of sellotape all over his doorframe, which he woke up in the morning and walked in to.

Sure there were others but I can't think of them atm.

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The best prank I ever heard of (and I am hoping someone on here might be able to confirm it) belonged to my mate Kris. When he was at school he was in sixth year at Robert Gordon's and the new first years had just arrived for their first week, and still had a "guide" from sixth year showing them around. Kris hatched an evil plan, and between classes he had all the guides take their group of first years along to the assembly hall for some kind of emergency assembly which he'd invented. So the first years all filed into the assembly hall and sat there patiently waiting for the assembly to start. Meanwhile, all the teachers / headteachers got into one helluva panic, when it emerged that an entire first year had gone missing....

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A few years ago, I was sharing a flat with this guy, who brought a mate from his work to stay at ours for new year - he ended up living there for about a week and a half while we proceeded to throw a two week party, costing us all over a grand each. About a week into this, our mate staying on the couch boned my flatmate's ex girlfriend's older sister on our living room floor... and in the bathroom... and in my flatmate's favourite chair, leaving a massive cum puddle on the blue throw he had covering it, seeing as they'd only used a rubber the first time. Next day, he went to work for a bit and we turned the throw over, leaving him to blissfully sit in cum dribbled out of his ex's sister for the remaining 8 months on our lease. To add insult to injury, we also hid the one condom wrapper that had been discarded under his pillow, so he thought she'd then been boned in his bed... He didn't notice it untill waking up the next day after he'd brought a lassie home the previous night. Cue rage in front of some girl he'd just met.

Score two for evil! :up:

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because this is the pranks thread.....Spoon To The Head Prank | Comedy.com

also, when we stayed in halls, woolmanhill had that great safety feature that a piece of plastic slid down the side of anyones room door opens the lock, just in case of....y'know.....emergencies...

anyhow, some guy went back to the broch for the weekend and i came back for my lunch one day to find a plan being hatched.....his room was subsequently broken into, everything removed.....and put downstairs to another flat, and the only thing left was his bed frame, a bottle of whiskey and a note reading 'never trust an irishman'....he didnt take it too well, we also did the 'pile everything infront of his door so he cant get out' trick.

funnily enough though i ended up being his best man at his wedding

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I've got a few from my student days when I stayed in a flat where every room had an en-suite; this gave rise to:

1) Removing the U-bend from my flatmates basin when I knew he was on the way back from town with his latest conquest. Que angry phonecall the next morning asking where his U bend was after his lady friend had soaked her shoes ...

2) Pouring all his shampoo into the toilet cistern, then when the foam had covered the floor up to a depth of 6 inches telling him the best way of dispersing said foam was to fill the cistern up with bleach ...

3) Filling the kitchen bin with water and leaning it against his (inward opening) door while he was asleep then ringing the fire alarm.

4) Removing his bed from the bedroom and assembling it in the kitchen while he was out drinking.

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Yeah man, this one time I went out with my mate and bought one of those toy pistols that, when you pull the trigger, it sends out a wee flag that says "bang". We thought it was well cool! Little did he know that I also had a genuine Luger from the Second World War!

So, we're out in the park and I pull the gun on him! Crazy! He thinks it's the joke pistol, so he acts all scared and winds up this granny. He didn't know I'd swapped the guns though, and so I shot him in the face while shouting "Achtung!". Mental! The granny totally SHAT herself!

I was still laughing at the funeral. His mum reckoned it was The Greatest Prank Ever!

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