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  1. Aberdeen doesn’t miss you. (I am posting this purely because of your tweet, you gimp)
  2. Thread bump, and Prime Stalk KeilanMost of this weekA non-distinct office in Altens IT-ing.
  3. I have no idea what people are calling themselves on here these days, but I'm gonna guess Johnny Mac is still Johnny Mac. In which case, proper stalk, Lemon Tree vestibule, last night. Boom.
  4. In short, what have I missed while not being on here?
  5. Diarmid 17.15-ish this evening Walking past Morrisons on King St. My avatar is freaking me out.
  6. My avatar is Lucky Rathen. Because it is.
  7. Nev

    Pet Hates!

    To be fair, with his post count it's not far off the truth...
  8. Nev

    Pet Hates!

    I associate the tone of posts with the user and the user with the avatar. I keep reading everything as if that twat Rathen has posted it. My mind is confuddled.
  9. The same twat who distracted me while driving up Ando Drive last week, I'll bet... Stalk: Modman Where: West Tullos Road When: About 5.30 this evening. He was out for a run/jog/something even vaguely fit people might do
  10. What the fuck is going on here?
  11. Myself and a friend are now unable to attend Rock Ness so have a pair of weekend camping tickets available. Tickets are currently still on sale for £180 a pop including booking fees etc. Looking for around £240 for the pair. Drop me an email if interested, to nev@iamnev.co.uk
  12. Due to illness still have this available, open to offers!
  13. Exactly as described above! Looking for £50. Email nev@iamnev.co.uk. Cheers!
  14. I can give JJ and Edd lifts if required
  15. Nobody stalks me either these days. I'm kinda happy about that. Don't like freaky internet stalker types.
  16. You are wrong and clearly a mental
  17. Anyone fancy a game next Wednesday (Aug 3) at either 6pm or 6.30? My work have a team starting out and are looking for a kickabout... Pretty mixed standard, we're no world beaters and don't take it too seriously! Looking for probably 8 + a sub for the A-M side. Similarly, if anyone is part of a team who fancy a game (8 a-side or 11s) give me a shout.
  18. It's entirely possible he was partaking in some figging, given the uncomfortable nature of his gait.
  19. David Warden, looking shifty while waiting to cross the road outside the 24 hr shop on Hutcheon St This very eve, just after 7pm Driveby, bitch!
  20. In reply to myself, I'm not Got another commitment I'd forgotten about.
  21. Bufty. I'd be happy to book for the week after as I'll have been, y'know, paid and shit by then...
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