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  1. Well, after much procrastinating, flights booked to Berlin for start of November. Still looking for hotels, wanting to book it in the next couple of days, anyone who has stayed there before recommend a particular area? As far as sight seeing goes, travelling during the day isn't an issue but would like to be quite close to a rake of bars/restaurants at night so it's not too much of a trek getting back at night. Was thinking Mitte, that seems to be pretty central and most places i have read, recommend it for nightlife.
  2. what is the fartzilla a reference to though.....it's bugging me i have seen it before in a TV show but can i shite remember where from.....
  3. Budapest sounds proper decent. Proper decision making time here, first world problems eh....! Good shouts though, really good to get decent insight, cheers
  4. Yeah, that was the one thing putting me off Prague, the G Star and Abercrombie contingent. I think Germany is winning me over at the moment, thinking about flying into Munich, spend a night or two there then get the train to Bamberg for a few nights there. Only couple hours train journey so seems reasonable. Cheers for all the suggestions so far though!
  5. Tha That sounds outstanding. Now all i want to do is put myself in a food coma from this establishment and spend the next day feeling like I am shitting furniture.....glorious.
  6. I think at that time of year, I can safely disregard weather as a deciding factor. Budapest is somewhere i never really thought of. Does that statement just apply to Bucharest? I don't imagine Prague or Barcelona to be cheap.....
  7. Interesting, i shall speak to my mate's bird who is Estonian. She will surely be able to provide some decent incite into it. Ta!
  8. Cheers guys, I was actually looking at Milan last night so i shall steer clear of that one! Have been tempted by Germany also though, Cologne was swaying me but Brugge had also popped into my head. Will definitely look at the home of the Bams though, sounds just like the sort of place I'm looking for. I'm actually going to Amsterdam the weekend before with my pal and Brussels in October for the fitba so they're ruled out by default! Nice work!
  9. Pretty much what it says on the tin, not really been away on many city breaks and looking to take the missus away in November but since there are so many interesting places to choose from, just looking for any suggestions from places folks have been and found proper bo' Anything out of the mainstream suggestions that wouldn't be immediately obvious choices would be just super. Ta muchly......
  10. is it wrong that champagnefacials arouses me.....
  11. berti


    man, there are too many people with the same avatar. Reading the above posts, i thought we had someone with multiple personalities having many different weekends....
  12. i love this video. i had an episode similar but involving jeans after 8 cans of blackthorn when i was 18.....my g/f at the time wondered where i had gone after 20 minutes and found me in my room, jeans round my ankles with a look of despair on my face. Could i fuck figure out, 'lift foot, extract foot through jeans'. At the moment in time i was solving quantum physics fool!
  13. Jeagerbombs are about 99% of the reason why i spent my entire day in my pants and sweating profusely from places i didnt know could sweat. Went to Korova on friday and when we got in at about midnight i had only a couple of beers in me.....so obviously the natural progression was to drink 7 jaegerbombs in half an hour. Cos apparently stupid decisions are my specialty. Didn't shit the bed though....its not all bad.
  14. berti

    Pet Hates!

    yep, i got my credit rating checked through one of those free 30 day trials and then cancelled it cos im badass, fuck the system...... but yeah, anyone you have had any sort financial connection with (even both being on the same leasing agreement sometimes) can link you financially. I never had a joint account with my ex but we were linked through several things. It's garbage if the other person is a total wank cannon with money.
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