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  1. I heard that Jeremy Beadle has a big cock....... but on the other hand......... Sorry, couldn't resist.
  2. The Lost Boys, class film. Watched it so much when I was in my early teens to be able to recite every bit of dialogue in its entirity. Wore out the video and subsequently had to obtain another copy! "You're a creature of the night Michael......" RIP Corey.
  3. Indeed Prosound was a fine establishment and indeed Mike's drum centre on Hutcheon street before that. Mike was a good lad, even bought my Fender amp from him when he was just at the drum centre - and he wasn't meant to deal in these things! Essentially that's what I tried to model my shop Rockapotmaus on, out at Inverurie. Unfortunately due to a distinct lack of local support, I had to put that to bed (of course mistakes were made - namely not quitting my day job to run the show myself) but that's in the past. On the R&B note, I've never bought anything from them for years and years now. When I was giging real regular at the time and I went to replace my old mics and mic leads, I went in and asked for some help selecting what was best for me and I asked if there would be discount for cash, since I'd be taking up to 400 worth of gear. The guy told me to come back when I knew what I wanted - Prick. I went straight to Bruce Miller's and spoke to the only dude who knew his stuff, Duncan. He sorted out the stuff I needed and threw in the mic leads for free, because of what all I was taking. Now I'm really quite cynical and I'm pretty much out for the best deal that I can get if I need any gear. So chances are, when I do decide to go for a new Blackstar rig, it'll not be coming hame fae Miller's!
  4. Interesting to see the pictures like, I really thought it would be even more fooked than it actually is! Yes, some quality nights were had - primarily Mondays & Thursday's. I probably even looked like I thought I was in the 70's then with my long hair, electric blue Farah slacks and white shirt with purple flowers. Happy days indeed. What we need is a massive lottery win and someone to turn the place into a proper venue - everyone knows Aberdeen needs one for that kind of size - and it's criminal the building should go to waste.
  5. My band used to play there (Morgans) quite a lot maybe going back about 8-10 years. It was always a problem that you couldn't be too loud, our they would get residents complaints - yet Claire's bar (across the lane) used to have Karaoke on at the same time absolutely blaring! Used to be a bit of a drifting crowd, and essentially we often ended up playing acoustic sets when we gigged there. Not sure what it's set out like these days, been a while since I've been in there.
  6. One day removals. Apologies if it's already been discussed (i've not kept entirely on top of this thread). My girlfriend bought it for me yesterday and it's absolutely awesome. Right up my street hearing folk swearing with conviction in the mother tongue! I'd wanted to see it when it was on at the Belmont, but couldn't make it. Really bloody funny, but just so much mair appealing when you recognise the places in the film around the city & shire. Superb min.
  7. Hey Up, I've got a Laney 4 x 10 cabinet. It's new and un-used. Would be looking for about 150 for it. Let me know if you think it might be of interest. Cheers.
  8. Here's a link to the distributor website: Morico Ltd Under the TRX page it has a short review which is worth a quick read. For the first two years after their launch they did win newcomer awards at several music industry shows - so hopefully they're starting to get some recognition. Like I say not the first name anyone is going to think of, but once folk have a chance to play them for themselves they seem to appreciate the quality of them. Anyway, just an option for you if you manage to have a look out to the shop sometime. Cheers.
  9. Hello, I have one set of 13" hats left in my shop just now, Rockapotamus Music - in Inverurie. They are TRX's, BRT series. We've got a sale on until the end of this month, so there is some discount to be had on these (normally 157, now 122). I've been really impressed with all the TRX stuff we have, very good quality - but maybe not the first name that pops into everyone heads when they're thinking about new cymbals. Feel free to come into the shop and check these out for yourself. All the best, Jim.
  10. Hello, My music shop, Rockapotamus Music, in Inverurie actually has a cymbal sale on-going just now. Clearing out some of the old stock to make room for new. So there are a few odd's & sod's in there (Zildjian etc.) - moving forward we'll be concentrating on Sabian & TRX. In terms of sets we can get sets of Sabians - I know we have XS20 sets in just now. Generally though we are happy to make up sets out of what's there - which can offer a decent bit of flexibility. The TRX's are pretty awesome actually - well worth a listen even if it's not them you're primarily interested in. If you get the chance, come in and have a shot. The shop address is 70 West High Street, Inverurie. Cheers for now, Jim.
  11. I can recommend both Stuart Hossack & Scott Cruickshank. Both really good guys and amazing players. Stuart teaches at Chalmers Mackay Music School both in Inverurie & Dee Street in Aberdeen - to enquire about his availability you contact the music school on 01467 629637. I believe that Scott works out of Musical Vision in Aberdeen, so you would get hold of him there.
  12. Hello Bri, Got a few options for you just now at my shop, Rockapotamus Music in Inveurie. I've got some Morley's (Classic Wah, Wah / Volume), Dimebag Cry Baby from Hell and the Dunlop styled cry-baby by Ashton. So there's a few there, at different price ranges as well. Feel free to come in and try some of these out and get a feel for what you like. Cheers, Jim.
  13. Hey Up, Yes - Gibson, like Fender have taken back all distribution under their own banner. Then they have imposed ludicrous stock holding requirements and minimum order levels - thus making it pretty well impossible for any small independant to stock their gear. I believe that the lad at Elgin - Sound & Vision used to have a bit of a selection, but can't vouch for current stock levels. At my shop - Rockapotamus Music in Inverurie, I have one Les Paul Studio remaining. I've actually bundled in an Ashton valve amp with it aswell, but of course you can still purchase the guitar separately. Feel free to come in and have a go - even if it's to eliminate a studio from your list. Cheers, Jim.
  14. Hello Hamstir, My music shop out at Inverurie, Rockapotamus Music, could have a couple of options for you. I have a Washburn HB32DM in just now. I'm actually away to be doing a set-up on it one night this week. Since it's not one you've mentioned you can see and read about it at this link: Washburn Hollowbodies. HB32DM & HB30 Guitar. If the link doesn't work, just look up the Washburn website and navigate through that. Also, you mentioned the Vintage VSA535 - that I would be able to get in for you, if you thought that was the way to go. Both of these guitars come in at 299. The Washburn has a pretty solid padded gig bag that comes with it as standard as well. If that is of any interest to you at all, I will make sure I've set up the Washburn by Saturday and you can come and have a play of it. You can message me back or contact my shop manager Gareth if you need any more details. I will be in the shop myself this Saturday though. You'll find us at: Rockapotamus Music, 70 West High Street, Inverurie Tel: 01467 622700 e-mail: sales@rockapotamus-music.com However, I can confirm that if you fancy the Ibanez Artcore series stuff it should be very good standard. I own an early 70's Ibanez Artist which is a cracking piece of kit. Hope that gives you some ideas. Cheers, Jim.
  15. Hello Aaron, The manager at my shop (Rockapotamus Music, Inverurie) is a drummer. He would be able to do the needful with your mates drums. He would take the time to show your mate how to select heads suitable for his needs, replace them and explain the tuning aspect. This would, I'm sure, leave your mate sorted for how to go about doing it in future. At least then all your needs would be catered for under one roof. If you think this would be an option for you, then please give him a call. His name is Gareth and you'll get him on 01467 622700 or on e-mail sales@rockapotamus-music.com. Monday is his day off, so you'd get him tomorrow from about 10.30am onwards. Cheers, Jim.
  16. Well, competition wise in Inverurie there is Morgans Music (formerly Leonard's Music). They are more traditional based than we intend to be. While we do stock traditional instruments, we will have more in the way of guitars and drums (because that's what we play ourselves), keyboards are also coming in and will figure a fair bit. We don't do sheet music yet, while Morgans do. So basically I think there is room for us to co-exist without damaging each other.
  17. Hello Folks, My business partner and I are opening a music shop in Inverurie, Rockapotamus Music. Hoping to open the doors by early next week - 17th ish (shop renovations currently on-going!). We will be stocking a wide range of musical instruments and accessories. Everything from guitar and drum starter packs right up to equipment to suit regular gigging musicians. As I say, a wide range of musical instruments and accessories, too numerous to mention in a short post. We are located at 70 West High Street, Inverurie. We are currently awaiting telephone & website connection, so no details as yet. However, our website will shortly be fully functional and cater for online sales. In the meantime, please feel free to reply to this thread or pm me, should you have anything you wish to enquire about. Or, pay us a visit next week, when we open the doors and you can see for yourselves. See below for link to a flyer showing the Rockapotamus! Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think may be interested. Thanks for your time. Rockapotamus Music - Rockapotamus Music - Musical instrument retailer opening soon in Inverurie Galleries
  18. When I bought my Texas Special about 8 or 9 years ago the price of them was about 1200. I got mine for 900 because I knew a guy who owned a music shop. So, to me these things don't depreciate, unless they've been bad used. I'd be looking for more than just 500, as you say look at the price of a Mexican.
  19. Top three in order: #1 - Bonzo - Led Zep #2 - Mitch Mitchell - Jimi Hendrix Experience #3 - Ginger Baker - Cream
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