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24 was so good and then it became so so so bad. I couldn't continue after the shit fest that is season 6.

I only made it a few episodes into season 2. Just got fed up with ridiculous characters and fucking awful writing.

That's a lie actually. I think I saw a few episodes of one of the later seasons. Didn't look like it had improved any. I seem to remember someone having a near fatal heart attack in one episode and then in the next episode they were up and about as though nothing had happened. Just a fucking hour later! Terrible.

Nothing beats that amnesia storyline for 3 episodes in season 1 though.

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SAMCRO have been floating my boat, but at the end of Season 2 everything's looking pretty formulaic. I imagine S03 will herald the arrival of a new baddie who's even more untouchable. Good turn by Hank Rollins though.

Reckon I'll save the rest until offshore times are here again. Everything's more acceptable offshore.

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