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top ten lyricists


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Originally posted by delboy:

1. morrissey

2. billy bragg

3. david gedge

4. mike skinner

5. john lydon

6. kurt cobain

7. chuck d

8. lou reed

9. pete shelley

10. bob dylan

Its Probably just me in this whole forum, but i have a severe thing against Kurt Cobain, i hate Nirvana, they may have inspired music of today but it was dull and boring to me, depressing music. If Kurt Cobain didnt like the pressure then just stop writing the music but no ill go and kill myself for the sheer fun knowing that people are going to cry over spilt milk for the next 10 years. he was a waster and whoever lives in the past with Kurt Cobain can go cry over spilt milk.:swearing:

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you should check out some billy bragg or david gedge lyrics from the same school of unrealsitic hopelessness (bragg is much better for me when he is writing love songs than political ones).

blaring out hatful of hollow at the moment!

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JR Hayes (Pig Destroyer) "Fingerprints on my eyes like ten tiny maps to heaven, or ten rogue angels torching the house of god. I feel something pressing against my kidneys. Maybe a pair of wings. Maybe the ghost of a bullet."

Maynard James Keenan (Tool and A Perfect Circle) "you claimed all this time that you would die for me. why then are you so surprised when you hear your own eulogy?"

whoever does the Acid Bath lyrics "where kitchen knives conspire, razorblades make bloodless love...like murder"

Richard Johnson, Carl Schultz, Jay Randall(Agoraphobic Nosebleed) "i dont fuck bitches anymore; i make them watch me massage myself till i cum in my hand. belt them with my payload across the mouth. real men dont just blow loads on jane doe, they grind them in. "

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Originally posted by Jonny Lucifer:

There can be only one - Richey James


I still can't listen to Generation Terrorists/Gold Against the Soul/The Holy Bible without being at a complete loss as to how someone can write lyrics that clever and that thought provoking. Superb vocabulary, unbelivably smart and still bleak as a blackout. Genius.

Some of my other favourites are ;

Zach De La Rocha (The angriest lyrics this side of Arlo Guthrie)

Bob Dylan (self-explanatory)

Lux Interior - The Cramps (Sleazy PVC B-Movies in lyrical form)

Steven Tyler (If you ignore the comedy stuff like Dude Looks Like a Lady and Love in an Elevator, he can write some really poetic stuff)

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Guest highroller
Originally posted by Jason:

Jason Cruz - Strung Out

Bingo...hugely underrated...HUGELY....

I mean they are VERY VERY special...anything off of "the element of sonic defiance" I think might be his finest lyrical hour so far.....

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